Still wishing I was cruising…

Hi friends!  I’m officially back at home and back to blogging!  For those of you who didn’t know, my husband and I took a Southern Caribbean cruise last week and it was amazing!  We ate a lot, caught up on movies, got a tan, ate more, relaxed, caught up on sleep, didn’t touch the internet/phone for a few days, and did I mention we ate a lot… as in four meals a day (at a mininum) and multiple desserts at dinnertime!  :)  Not to mention, I may have gained some poundage which will lend itself to a nice New Year’s Resolution of “Lose the weight gained on cruise!“, haha OK not funny.  Anyhow, I’ve been spending this last week catching up on emails and such and am VERY afraid to tackle my Google Reader but I did upload/edit a few of my cruise pictures to share with you, let’s call it a sneak peek as I’ll do a full post or two with pictures in the next few weeks~!

Our rockin’ home for the week – the Caribbean Princess! My husband and I still get dizzy and sway sometimes when walking, HA!

Love this photo of me on the pier (isn’t my hubby a great photographer)?  And in case you missed it above, we ate,  A LOT!  Here’s a picture of three different desserts we ate after dinner one night!!

At every port that we stopped at there was TONS of shopping to be done, from local handmade jewelry to every flavor of rum imaginable!

*sigh*  Oh how I miss the Caribbean already.  It’s so crazy that Christmas is coming up in a few days here (especially since I just spent a week in super warm weather)!  We finally sent out all our presents to finally a few days ago and that felt great!  Can’t wait for them to receive them.  :)  But as for the holidays, this will be the first time that we are just staying in town and we’re going to sit on the couch in our PJs all day long. ;) Perhaps I’ll work on some new bows for my etsy shop, or prepare out all my blog posts for January, or maybe I’ll just bake bake bake, but whatever we decide to do, I hope it’s pure relaxation awesomeness!

I just wanted to take this time to send a *HUGE* THANK YOU to all my guest bloggers this past week!  They kept my blog alive while I was gone and I truly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.  And another THANKS to all those that still stopped by and left comments too!  Just to recap, here’s a rundown of all the guest posts (there were recipes, holiday decorating tips, fashion and photography advice, a music playlist and inspirational posts), if you aren’t following these bloggers, I highly recommend that you do because they are all amazing!

Saturday, December 11 – Breakfast All Day by All Things Ami
Sunday, December 12 – Countdown to Christmas by Sweet Caroline
Monday, December 13 – Fashion Tips by Much Love, Illy
Tuesday, December 14  – Tune Tuesday by Sassy Smolak
Wednesday, December 15 – Christmas Sweater DIY by Wattlebird
Thursday, December 16 – Pear Bread Pudding by Not Your Average Ordinary
Friday, December 17 – Easy Holiday Decorations by Grace Hester Designs
Saturday, December 18 – I Left My Heart In Paris by Amy Couture
Sunday, December 19 – Almond Squares by Fur Elisse
Monday, December 20 – Photography Advice by Rebel Belle Photography
Tuesday, December 21 – Gift Wrap Tutorial by Sunshine and Carousels

And I had a GIVEAWAY going on for a beautiful handknit cowl from my wonderful sponsor, Wattlebird while I was away!

It ended earlier today and I have picked a lucky winner…

The 50th commenter was… *DRUM ROLL* please…. the lovely Piper from

Congrats Piper!  I will send you an email shortly asking for your mailing address so I can send it off to Annie!  I know that this beautiful cowl will keep you warm + you’ll be so stylish in it!

Well again, I really missed you all dearly last week but it does feel good to be home!  I hope that you are all having a wonderful (short) holiday week!

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  1. I am quite jealous right now! Oh how I wish the hubs and I could be on a cruise right now. its freezing here in ohio and I am quite tired of it. haha.
    That picture that your hubs took of you is amazing! You are definitely right! He is a great photographer!
    I can’t wait to see more!

    Welcome home and Merry Christmas!

  2. Welcome back, friend! I’m glad that you came back safely and that you had a great time there! It looks like loads of fun! :)

    Your husby can really take pictures! :O It looks like it was straight out of a brochure or something hahaha! :)

    Have a happy holidays!

  3. piper is luuuuuuucky!!
    you and your hubs were luuuuuuuuucky to go on a cruise!!!
    loved this post and your pictures, friend. no wonder you are not ready to be back. ;)

    is it bad that i’m glad that you are?! hehe. love ya!

  4. Welcome back Sandy!! Those pictures make me want to jump on a plane and go someplace warm & tropical right now!! Sounds like you had a wonderful vacation!!

    And the best part? Now that you’re back…I find out I won!! Woo hoo, early Christmas gift!

  5. Welcome back sweet friend!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the photos! And that’s the best part of crusing…eating! hahaha (im not kidding). Anyways… Cant wait to see more! <333

  6. So glad to see (and hear) that you had such a wonderful trip, Sandy! It’s better that you were on the boat — I don’t do well with boat trips, though I do wish I could have been there for the food! Welcome back, my dear.

  7. Welcome back, Sandy! Your guest bloggers were wonderful, but missed you lots! Your trip sounded just perfect (that’s my idea of heaven, sleeping and eating 4 meals a day :)) – hope the coming days are filled with lots of peaceful moments, despite the holiday/post-vacay stir!

  8. Sounds like you had a wonderful time!!!
    How was the food? Did you eat a lot? You didn’t mention the food!! ;)
    Those photos are so beautiful!!! Your hubby is a talented photographer!!!!
    Happy Holidays my dear!!!!

  9. i LOVE cruises, and my favorite part is the FOOD. non-stop eating here. then the second part is stopping at the islands and chilling on the beach. :-) what a life right? no work, no worries, no responsibilities, nada. here’s to another cruise next year for the both of us?? =)

  10. What a vacation!! I can certainly use one of those :) The sneak peek look awesome and I can’t wait to hear more about your trip! You were missed!

  11. Wow, those pictures are amazing! Love the one with you on the pier as well!! And the food…yummy!!

    Glad your back! Even though you had some awesome guest bloggers (ladies, it was so much fun reading all your posts)…it’s nice to have you back!!

  12. Hey girl! Sorry I haven’t replied to your sponsor renewal email yet. I will get back to you on that soon. I hope you’re doing well. I’m getting ready to have the baby tomorrow so things have been a bit hectic. Still loving your blog. You’re doing a marvelous job on it. Talk to you soon!!!

  13. yay for the winner and chin up to you luv-coming back from vacay is always hard I know. Actually it is the worst. :(
    happy holidays sweetie pants. :)gina

  14. SO nice to see your travel cruise pics! it reminds me so much of our life in St maarten! (i met my husband there!) we lived there many years! xxx thanks for sharing


    oh my goodness — your pictures make me SO EXCITED for my family’s cruise in a couple of weeks!! NO INTERNET?! Ahmmm…YAY!! ;)

  16. welcome back sandy!! oooh i love that shot of you on the pier! i can hardly wait to see some MORE photos! we’ve been dying to do a cruise to the caribbean as well… sigh… looks heavenly!

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