Cubicle Chic, Installment Two!

Tank Top: Forever 21, Cardigan: Forever 21, Skirt: Ann Taylor, Tights: Target, Shoes: Kenneth Cole Outlet, Necklace: Oh, Hello Friend

Whew!  I had quite the busy week last week.  I’m sitting here in the Vegas airport waiting to head home, thankful that there’s free internet as my flight is delayed.  Traveling is fun for me because I get to visit friends and family all over the world, but the ACT of traveling can be super tiring, ya know?  I had an amazing time with my family in California and my nephew is just growing up soo fast!  He knows so many words in English, Chinese, and Korean and really had a fun and cute personality!  We even did a nephew + auntie photo shoot this morning and I can’t wait to share those pictures later!

But for now, it’s been a few weeks since my first Cubicle Chic, so I figured it was about time for another, after all, even though I did travel this week for work, I did end up working in a cubicle for part of the time on the client site, HA!  My favorite thing about this wardrobe is the mustard tank and how it matches the flowers in my cardigan, because in my mind, mustard is totally the color of the year (in blog world).  I bought those shoes a few years ago at an outlet in Vegas (which is kind of ironic because that’s where I’ am blogging from as we speak), and I definitely don’t wear them enough as I should but I think it’s because I don’t have as many brown toned clothing in my wardrobe.  So usually when I pack for business trips, it’s the black/grey toned pants and shoes and tops to go with that!

Do you have more brown tones or black/grey tones in your wardrobe?

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  1. In college I would only wear black, but now I wear brown tones almost every day. I have a pair of black glasses and brown glasses and my black ones hardly ever get worn.

    And I agree, mustard is totally in this year!

  2. I am absolutely ashamed that lately, my wardrobe at work has been sweat shirts and jeans.. but at least I’ve paired it up with my Superga runners! lol. Darnit but this is super chic to me. Love love those shoes.. you are really photogenic.. If you can make an effort looking this good while traveling, honestly.. there is no excuse for me right?

  3. That cardi and skirt are super cute! Whoever doesn’t like mustard yellow is odd. It’s a really pretty color; although, I don’t think I’d have the same excitement with the actual condiment! Egh..

    Your hair wavy looks nice!

  4. I love your outfit! For awhile I was going more black/grey but lately I have been liking brown!! I guess I’d be considered undecided hehehe

  5. how lovely are you! this combination is quite lovely :) I’m a big fan of grey tones, myself…have a wonderful week, my dear! xoxo {av}

  6. Love this outfit! I love the color mustard but afraid it doesn’t love me back as much. ;-) so I try to add it in my wardrobe in pops of color sometimes. :-) I tend to wear more black/grey but I really need to expand and add more brown tones. I love this series!

  7. i used to wear a lot of brown but lately it’s been gray, gray, grey {the way i spell it when i’m feeling fancy!}
    your outfit is adorable!

  8. you look great! i love the mustard! your right it’s totally the IT color of the blog moment. i love mustard yellow along with pea green :) very cubicle chic indeed!

  9. I would say it’s 50/50 for me. I used to love, love the brown tones but then I switched to blacks and grays and just never got rid of any of the brown stuff :)
    Even though I’m now a stay at home mama I still always try and dress nicely, even if it’s just for a trip to the store. And, I’ve been diggin’ on the mustard color forEVER and I’m so glad that it’s considered “in style” now!

  10. i am a monochrome girl, loads and blacks and greys. and also some navy blue. i know it’s boring but it makes it easier to pair stuff up when i am still groggy from just waking up!

  11. Dearest sweet sandy, you are soo beautiful and i adore your outfit lots. I think i have more black/grey in my wardrobe. Have a lovely merry happy time with your family and friends! Love to you!

  12. That cardigan is adorable! And I definitely have more black and gray tones in my wardrobe, so much so that it’s starting to look a little dreary!

  13. Very cute! I love the skirt and heels. I have more blacks/grays in both work/casual, but some browns in casual. I try to get more brown in my work outfits, but all my separates coordinate with black, so it takes time.

  14. I love the whole outfit, but especially the shoes! You look adorable and have really good taste in clothes. Please dress me! lol

  15. LOVE the cardigan! I’m so jealous!

    I’m WAY more of a grey person. And you know what? I’ve been shopping for new couches, trying to find grey microfiber, and it’s IMPOSSIBLE to find!! Every couch only comes in brown tones!!

  16. I LOVE this outfit!! You are so beautiful!! I want that cardigan!! ;)
    I am so glad that you had a wonderful weekend!! Im sorry that we couldn’t meet up too, but it sounds like you had a lovely weekend spending time with your family!!!
    PS I have more gray in my wardrobe than brown/black!!
    lol. Love you hon!!

  17. Oh my gosh Sandy you are wearing my favorite color combo of the year! I’m in love with mustard and gray together! Really love the touch of accessories as well! You look sooo beautiful as usual! haha

  18. I wish I looked this put-together for the work place! I’m usually running out the door in the mornings, so as long as I look modestly dressed, I don’t give it much thought! I also have to agree on your love for mustard things! I’ve had a crush on mustard for quite some time :)

  19. AWE! you look so cute sandy! i definitely have more grey in my wardrobe… and i LOVE mustard, actually i love any shade of yellow !

  20. Black/grey — I keep buying grey tops. I had to stop myself the other day and force myself to buy a blouse I really liked in royal purple — and I’m so glad I did!

    I like the mustard top – although I’m always worried about how good yellows look on my skin tone, but this one looks great on you!

  21. Love, love, love this look (and your divine blog)! I must admit, there are mostly blacks in my wardrobe-as someone who spends lots of time in a theatre, it’s just more practical!

  22. Yay for another gorgeous cubicle chic look–and I love the pop of mustard! I wear more grays and blacks too, but I try to add some browns in from time to time.

  23. Oh I love your cardi, and I too am LOVING mustard right now. I bought the cutest mustard dress from Asos yesterday, I cant wait for it to arrive :D

    Jilly <3

  24. I have a lot more browns in my casual wardrobe than I ever had in my business casual wardrobe. I kind of felt like a tree stump in my brown dress pants so I tended to shy away from it when shopping! Your outfit totally rocks though. I’m really into mustard colored things right now, I even knit myself a scarf in the color. So keep sporting it. :) Hope your travels were safe!

  25. I love the outfit! It’s just so fresh and making me long for spring! And I have to say I have more black and gray tones all around. honestly, I suppose I own only three or four brown items. Sad, isn’t it??

  26. I wear so many black and grey tones. It’s terrible!! I need to bring in more color. I’m doing the 30 for 30 and incorporated a few things I’m not always the most comfortable with to get outside the box. Are you doing 30for30?

  27. mustard is definitely YOUR color! so flattering on you. i own a lot of brown pieces, but would say the greys are out numbering them. love grey/black, but i am ready for spring colors! can’t wait to see your cali pics!!

  28. mustard is my favorite color! it’s just ridiculous how much of it i have in my wardrobe.

    your shoes are adorable.

    as a cubicle chica, i sport a lot of grey + black. i pair the grey with mustard constantly! : )

  29. you look so gorgeous – and puh-leeze you look so great (so teeny-tiny – hehe!!) and dont tell me that its because i saw you last summer. seriously, you look goooood! and i just love the whole look. :) love ya!!

  30. I definitely have lots of blacks and greys in my wardrobe. TONS! ;) But I’m slowly adding a bit more brown, but I prefer brown in shoes and bags, rather than in clothing.

    You are so chic Sandy. Definitely a polished look. You are so lucky you get to travel a lot (for you job), but I totally agree that the ACT of travelling is no fun at all.. unless you’re in first class. hee hee.

    Hope you are well honey!

    xx Love & Aloha

  31. I love cubicle chic, you pick the cutest outfits and always look so adorable. I have to say I love your shoes the most in this outfit :)

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