I Love Our Growing Family!

There really couldn’t be a more exciting time for my family right now!  As I mentioned earlier, my niece was born last week and Marvin and I flew to California to surprise the unsuspecting parents (my brother and SIL).  Of course YOU KNOW I couldn’t have gone this trip without my trusty camera.  :)

Welcome to the world, my beautiful niece Joy!

Here she is at 1 day old!  I’ve never held a baby this small before.  And don’t you love the little bow on the hat that the nurse made for her?  Too cute!

She is such a doll!

Here she is being introduced to the family at home.  Her big brother is already so sweet to her!

Of course, the trip to LA wouldn’t be complete without some quality nephew time as well!

Here we are with Evan at the park, feeding the geese and ducks!

Then we found a pretty tree and my dad took this photo of us (kind of like a maternity photo if you ask me)!

Then the Evan bear joined us, so cute!

One of Evan’s favorite park activities is going down the slides and he sure is good at it!

Afterwards, we took a stroll to Manhattan Beach where we played in the waves.  Evan’s favorite phrase from this trip (translated from Chinese to English) is “Auntie, Uncle, and Evan went to the ocean and got ALL WET!”  He couldn’t stop saying it all night!

Three generations of hats haha!

Here is a look at our growing family (including my baby bump)!

I’ll be back later with some more pictures from the weekend, but seriously, can I just say I miss them all already?  Family time is the best time, don’t you agree?

How was your Labor Day weekend?

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  1. Your new niece is beautiful! I bet you are all so excited that she is here. I love the picture your Dad took of you & your husband. I would frame that for sure!

  2. Ah I absolutely love your family (and its growing member!) ;D and congrats on your new niece! Joy looks so cute in that hat and just in general because Asian babies are the cutest patootest. Bias? Yes. Lol.

    My labor day weekend wasn’t too good to be honest, Sandy…nothing life-threatening, but very heart-breaking. I’ll be okay. I’m just a lot more lonely and sad now. : / God keeps me strong though.

  3. I love the new blog look! If it’s been different for a while, I’m sorry I’m just noticing it now. :/ Love it though! :D

    Family time IS the best! Looks like you guys had so much fun! Love the maternity photo and the beanie with the bow! So cute!

  4. i was soooo excited to see this post!!! congrats auntie (again)! your family is indeed growing! can’t wait to see YOUR latest addition. :) oh joy is beautiful and evan so sweet as always! love all the pics, thanks for sharing!!

  5. Yay for having more family to love. Isn’t it true that an aunt’s love is so special? That love just spreads out, it never ends!

    Soon there will be one more in that family! :)

  6. What a sweet little baby! Congrats on the new edition to your family, your brother and sister in law must have been stoked to be surprised by you!!!

  7. very sweet.. My sister just had a baby this summer and was thrilled I got to be there at his birth. Babies are so special and so are growing families. You sure are blessed, Sandy with your beautiful growing family and with the baby a la mode on the way. I’m so happy for you :)

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