Someone Has A Birthday Soon! ;)

In just 8 days (Nov 1!), someone is going to be another year older.  Yup, that’s me folks.  And this year is going to be an epic one, it’s the year I’m going to be a MOM, whoa.  Well you know me, constantly adding things to my wishlist of things.  So I decided to help you all out in gift buying for me (*wink wink*).  ;)

Oversized sweaters + stripes are like this top from Threadsence are my new obsessions // Kinda always wanted a Made By Hank bag – they are gorgeous!

This Edelweiss by Sarah dress is simple but I love the color blocking and looseness of it.  I’d pair it with a belt and perhaps these rust Forever 21 socks.

You just knew I had to throw in some chevron in here, didn’t ya?  This Ampersandity stamp is so perfect for birthday and holiday packaging, don’t ya think?

Remember my dreams of opening a bakery?  Well I’m thinking a bread machine would help… ;)

And you can never go wrong with some sweet treats, like these pumpkin spice and apple cider smores from Sweet Lydias!

Oh and just so you’re in the know, I may or may not be hosting a few GIVEAWAYS on my birthday.  And they may or may not include a couple of the things you see in this post.  ;)  (The answers are “may”.)

What’s currently on your wishlist?

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  1. Okay that chevron stamp is AH-MAZING! I’m a sucker for stamps and funky, fun gift wrapping ideas. And this one is perfect! May need to get one of those stat!

    Also love that clutch!

    Happy Pre-Birthday!

  2. Hehe, my wishlist is always very long:))

    Well, usually there aren’t many material things (I’ve already found out that the non-material things are much more precious… ) but I think there are some as well;)
    If you start talking about clothing I have some wishes;))

    - wool knitted dress (to combine with some lovely stockings)
    - nice black or grey scarf which I could wear with my red wool coat
    - there is never enough of 1940s hats and I have only one! so, more and more vintage hats:)
    - cable knit sweater… lovely sweater which I could wear this winter…

  3. AH! How exciting! Happy early birthday Sandy! :D I LOVE that sweater from threadsence! So pretty. My wishlist for … christmas I guess since my bday has passed already hehe, is the frocktober dress from modcloth! So darling!

  4. ok, yum! those last treats looked so delish and i’m all about that threadsence sweater. perfectly cozy and stylish looking!!

    {ps: in a ‘discovering new blog’ night and just realized just how many darn links you have on the right, haha. you might been keeping me busy tonight!!}

  5. Giveaways and birthdays! Yes please!
    Happy almost birthday beautiful mom-to-be.
    You’ve got great taste ;P I do like those chevron stamps!!
    And oversized sweaters are a must. In college, they are my GO-TO haha

  6. hi! got your comment…i emailed you 10/19…i’ll try again, maybe it went to junk mail? it’ll be coming from

    Nov 1st is my daughter’s bday! although for a while she thought her bday was halloween because we always celebrated it on halloween!

  7. aww happy early birthday to you!!! you should definitely get a bread machine…they are amazing!! and your house will smell SO good!

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