Cold Hands, Warm Hearts Swap + A SmarTouch Gloves Giveaway!

Entries for this giveaway and the swap have been closed, thanks!

Guess what all?!  It’s that time again for the Cold Hands, Warm Hearts swap!  Last year, it was a success (thanks to you all), so we decided to bring it back!  Basically, you sign up for the swap, we assign you a partner, and you send your partner a package with a pair of gloves + some other goodies, and then you write a blog post about your lovely package!  Sound easy enough, yea?  If you want to be in the cool kids club, then hop on over to Much Love, Illy’s blog for more details on how to participate!

But before you hop on over there, we have a little giveaway over here to kick off the swap!  (You don’t have to participate in the swap to enter but it is an additional entry option if you do, see below.)


 Win your very own pair of ISOTONER smarTouch gloves

These babies are great for texting, tweeting, checking email as your  index finger and thumb as a conductive thread that conveys electrical impulse to touchscreen – super fancy!  And trust me, they really work!

gloves: ISOTONER smarTouch | blazer: a pea in the pod | striped sweater: ann taylor loft | yellow scarf: from much love, illy in last year’s CHWH swap | jeans: a pea in the pod | shoes: target

To enter:

1. What is one activity you still have on your to-do list for this fall? (mandatory entry)

For additional entries, leave a separate comment for each action.
2. Leave a comment telling me what your favorite Android, iPhone, Blackberry, etc. phone app is?
3. Enter the Cold Hands, Warm Hearts swap at Much Love, Illy’s blog
4. Follow this blog and Much Love, Illy with GFC
5. Follow sandyalamode and @muchloveilly on Twitter
6. Blog, facebook, or tweet about this giveaway (make sure to include @sandyalamode and @muchloveilly in your tweet) and include the link (one entry each). 

Feel free to use this tweet:

The Cold Hands, Warm Hearts Swap by @muchloveilly & @sandyalamode launches w/ an ISOTONER smarTouch gloves #GIVEAWAY!

This giveaway is open to US only and closes on Wednesday, November 2, 2011 at 12PM CST. Good luck!

Entries for this giveaway and the swap have been closed, thanks!

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  1. My absolute favorite thing about fall is celebrating Halloween and seeing all the trick or treaters! I have always loved seeing all the kids in fun costumes! We live in a super small town and last year we only had two trick-or-treaters. We are hoping for more success this year! I also have “making pumpkin and pork stew” on my to do list this year! I hope it turns out well!

  2. The one activity you I still have on my to-do list for this fall is to go jump inside a huge pile of leaves with my son :)

    Thank you for this sweet giveaway!

  3. My favorite Blackberry app aside from facebook – hehe! Has got to be ScoutMob – Talk about enjoying delicious food at super low prices or even free sometimes!

  4. I already entered the Cold Hands, Warm Hearts swap over at Much Love, Illy’s blog. And I must say I am so excited!!! Eeeekkkk!! This is my first time, last year I caught it to late but now I made sure to keep an eye out like a hawk :) Yay!!!

  5. Oh, this is so cool, Sandy! And something I need to check off my to-do list is find a job :(.

    Miki. mikimiannetta (at) gmail (dot) com

  6. My favorite app is Voxofon which lets me talk to my friends in Argentina for really cheap ;p.

    Miki. mikimiannetta (at) gmail (dot) com

  7. On my list: paint the raised beds before the rains set in and we have to look at those dreary things until next June, when the sun shines again.

  8. My favorite app is Tune In Radio. It allows me to listen to my sweetheart’s public radio program even when I’m out of range.

  9. I follow you with GFC. I tried and tried to follow much love, illy via GFC but am having no luck tonight. I bookmarked her instead and promise I’ll go back and try until I’m successful.

  10. We have yet to rake leaves, can you believe it? Not that I’m complaining; our tree is beautiful right now and I prefer the leaves *on* the trees rather than off. So that’s on my to-do list for fall!

  11. My favorite app on my Android is probably good ol’ Maps. I use it all the time to find the best route, check on traffic, figure out where I took that wrong turn… :-) I’m a bit directionally challenged.

  12. I love my iphone and I love my skeeball app, but the Square app has revolutionized vending at craft fairs and I love that I am able to accept credit cards now.

  13. My fall to-do item that never got done… I never planted my mums, they are still sitting on my porch in the ugly plastic container they came in haha!!

  14. I haven’t made a pumpkin pie yet. :( I haven’t even EATEN pumpkin pie yet, which I find to be sad. MUST. DO. THIS. WEEKEND.

  15. I am trying to sign up for the swap … the link to sign up wouldn’t open for me. But I promise I’m going to sign up ASAP.

  16. Those gloves are awesome! They look really cozy warm too. On my to-do list is to plan and cook my Thanksgiving meal! This is the first year we won’t be with family, so the task is left to me…yikes! :) Xo, Katie

  17. the one thing left on my list to do this Fall is to take the bf out on our pumpkin spiced latte date along with with a walk down the waterfront :)

  18. On my to-do list: get all of my space heaters out of the garage!!! (Our house is old and doesn’t have heat vents in the bathrooms. Mornings are getting really chilly so I need those babies out soon!)

  19. Cool gloves! One thing left to do on my list of things to do this fall is finish creating our wedding album!

  20. Amazing gloves! I want! My to-do for fall is to make some homemade apple cider. I’ve been doing the delicious store bought variety, but I would love to make some of my own!

  21. i am SO SAD that i didn’t get to sign up for the swap in time ;[ i barely missed it! hopefully next year.

    hmm, the one activity that’s on my to-do list this fall is going to disneyland (if i can save some extra money!). i love it this time of year because of all the (~faux) pumpkins and decorations around the park! :D


  22. my fave phone app?
    i have an HP veer, which is, like, nearly obsolete now (and it barely got released! lol).

    i do like the spaz twitter app on it though. it’s really easy to use.

  23. We have to get our nursery in order before the little ones get here, definitely a big to-do, even though it’s not one of the “fun” autumn-related activities.

    Thanks for the chance to win!


    ejm6x (at) yahoo (dot) com

  24. My to do list still is to take my kids to the pumpkin farm before Thanksgiving since we didn’t get the chance yet!

  25. I am an Android-aholic lol I think my favorite app is the basic QR reader. Every time I see a QR code – big or small – I get excited because I can read it. :)

  26. I have yet to make an apple pie, I hope I will have time this weekend to make it and cross it off my fall to do list.

  27. One activity on my to do list for fall is curling up with a pumpkin latte and a book in front of the fire!

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