Celebrating My Two Year Blogiversary with a Feature Sponsor Giveaway!

Can you believe it friends?  Today is my TWO YEAR BLOGIVERSARY… or in other words my BLOG’S SECOND BIRTHDAY!  When I first started this blog two years ago, never had I imagined it would be at the point it is now.  My blog is a HUGE part of my life and who I am.  While I love sharing bits and pieces of my daily happenings with you all, most importantly, it’s a journal for me to get my thoughts out and pictures in one place.  During this past year, my pregnancy slowly started taking over my blog, with posts about “baby” things, baby showers, and my “bump” outfits.  I hope I didn’t bombard with it too much as I’ve always tried to stay true to still blogging about inspirations, fashion, recipes, photography, and sharing posts about my wonderful sponsors! Anyhow, to celebrate this momentous occasion, my little guy just wanted to say…

Lastly, out of an appreciation to all of my readers, I’d love to give away a 1 month February Feature Sponsor spot on my blog ($30 value)!  What comes with that you ask?

- 190 x 190 button in Lovely Sponsors box with a link back to your shop/blog
- weekly rotation of ads among Feature Sponsors
- one “Sponsor Love” post with giveaway (>$30 value)
- shoutouts over twitter

To enter, leave a comment with your favorite types of posts that I blog about!  Is it the outfits, recipes, photography, Cold Hands Warm Hearts swap, baby updates, inspiration, Flavors To Follow, giveaways, something else?  If you don’t want to enter the giveaway, that’s totally fine, I’d still love to see your comments!  I’ll be taking entries for the giveaway until January 19, 2012 at 12PM CST.

Thank you again for reading, I truly appreciate each and every one of you.  And if you are a lurker… this is your time to let me know, pretty please?  ;)

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  1. Congrats Sandy! That’s a tough question! I really love the flavors to follow, recipes, baby updates, and your outfit posts (so basically I just love everything on your blog :-P)! I tend to be a lurker haha, but sometimes talk to you on twitter (@vkoseki)!

  2. I will admit I always get a little worried when one of my favorite bloggers gets pregnant because suddenly their blogs turns into all baby all the time. And while I understand that the pregnancy is SO important it makes me sad because I miss reading about all the other things in that blogger’s life.

    With you Sandy there was still a good mix of everything. We still got to know about YOU as well as your pregnancy. You did an amazing job of keeping everything balanced and I feel the same way now that Austin is here. Your blog is always one of my favorite reads.

    Anyway, happy birthday to your blog Sandy. I’m so happy you’re part of this wonderful blog world and that we’re friends!

  3. Happy birthday blog a la mode! :) I loved your pregnancy updates (we were pregnant at the same time), I love your updates on little austin (we both have baby boys), I love your giveaways (WOOHOO), & I love your inpirations!! Keep up the good work Sandy :)

  4. Happy two year blogiversary Sandy dear!!!!
    I have loved reading your blog and I honestly do not know what my favorite posts are!!! I love your fashion sense + your amazing recipes and you + Ilene’s CHWH swaps!!! Mostly I just love your blog!!!!
    Happy day dear!!

  5. I am most definitely a lurker =) I love your photography posts and all the tips you give. You’re so practical that I actually feel like I take away a lot =)

  6. Happy blogiversary, Sandy!! I am so glad to have been a follower from one of the earlier days and that I’ve gotten to know you better recently. I absolutely love the tidbits of your life that you share along with how connected you are with your readers. I can’t wait to see what this second year of blogging adventures brings for you!!

  7. Woo! Congratulations on two awesome years of blogging! & what an ADORABLE photo of Austin! Eee! :)

    I looove the posts where you blog about your every day life! When you share photos of what you’ve been up to! I love getting a peek into your life! :)

  8. Happy blogiversary, sweet friend!! That’s so exciting :) And your sweet boy is growing so fast!!

    I love all of your posts. Seriously. A variety of types of posts is what makes you YOU! But, if I really have to pick just one, it would be photography!! <3

    Hope you're having a wonderful week, my dear!

  9. Happy 2 year blogiversary!
    I love everything about your blog. I remember stumbling upon it over a year ago & then reading back in all the archives. You are so true to yourself & genuine & sweet. I love the outfit posts, the posts about your recipes, & just life in general (including your newest family addition)!
    Excited for all your new adventures in this new blog year.

  10. you were one of the first blogs I sponsored on and i appreciated all the support you gave me (nearly a year ago!)

    i just love so much of everything and how it has grown to include your darling baby– from outfits to inspiration and room decor and food, it’s alllll good. :)

  11. oh my goodness, your babe looks so big already ;)

    I’ll enter. wooooo.

    I love everything about your blog. Outfit posts. And I definitely want to join in the swap next year. Inspiration. Photos. I think you do a good all around everything is awesome blog. <3

  12. I don’t want to enter, but I just wanted to say that though I’m a new reader, I’ve really been enjoying your blog, and I loved your outfit posts with a bump! I’m still several years away from being pregnant but it still gives me some inspiration, haha.


  13. I really love all the posts you do!
    Definitely love the outfits and the recipes (yum) and I can’t wait for the baby pictures of Austin :) I am NOwhere near having a child since I’m constantly surrounded by college students so its nice to see cute little babies every now and then. Even if its just through the computer screen!

    I definitely would love to enter the giveaway :)
    I’ve always loved your blog.
    Can I tell you a secret? Your blog is the first one I started reading and REALLY inspired me to start blogging. Like, really blogging. So thank you for that :D

  14. Selfishly, I love the giveaways…but the ones I like for no other reason……style posts!!!
    Congrats and thanks.

  15. Happy Anniversary! I guess that means we’ve known each other almost two years! :)

    I love it all, does that count? :)

    I’m still in dreamland over your wedding photos. xo

  16. I am a lurker. The outfit posts are my favorites.

    More critically: has Marv already got Austin in crimson and gray?! Where is the maize and blue?? Stay strong!

  17. Congratulations Sandy!! I really enjoy reading up on your outfit and flavors to follow posts. By far the most inspirational would have to be updates on Austin. :)

  18. Happy 2 year blogiversary!!! How exciting :) I’ve always loved your giveaways and your flavors to follow posts – but lately I’ve been loving all the baby stuff {wink!}

  19. I love your outfit posts! I reallllly enjoyed seeing how darn cute you could look throughout your pregnancy – you were a mama-to-be with such style! :)

  20. Happy 2 year blogiversary lovely SANDY!!!! I can’t believe it’s already your 2nd year! I feel like you JUST had your 1st year blogiversary! hahaha :D

  21. Congratulations on two years! I love your blog! And oh-my-goodness, Austin is adorable.
    My favourite types of posts are Cold Hands Warm Hearts swap, photography, inspiration, baby updates and Flavours to Follow. That’s pretty much all of them, but I just love your whole blog.
    XO Samantha

  22. Since we were pregnant at the same time, I really liked your bump fashion posts. Now I am enjoying your Austin updates. My little girl was born 1/2/12, so its neat to see your little boy since they are so close in age.

  23. Happy two years of blogging! I have loved your baby posts, I was so excited when you had little Austin and look forward to watching him grow up!

  24. Thanks in favor of sharing such a pleasant thought, article is pleasant, thats why i have read it fully

  25. you are so sweet sandy! (and your little baby boy there is a DOLL!!!! how adorable!)
    i just love your outfit posts. you’re so down to earth and yet fabulous and, unlike some blogger’s outfit ideas who are unattainable, yours seem like something every woman could pull off! you are too cute!



  26. I really enjoy pretty much everything you post! I love your outfit posts because I like to see what others are wearing – lots of inspiration comes that way. I had a fun time following your pregnancy and your domestic adventures since I’m nowhere close to having babies myself. I loved the CHWH swap, and I’m so glad I participated this year! basically I just love your blog as a whole. happy blogiversary! :]

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