My Mom’s Got Style

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A week ago or so Heather, Erika, Ilene and I were tweeting… and somehow got on the topic of our Mom’s fashion, which quickly evolved to “if our moms had fashion blogs, what would they be like?”  And then we decided that we needed to have a linky party for it.  So this my friends, is exactly what happened.  On Tuesday (May 29), Heather and Erika will be hosting a linky party where your post can be open to interpretation, but it can include pictures of your mom’s outfits, a recreation of your mom’s outfits, a blog post written from the viewpoint of your mom… really just anything that fits along the lines of “Your Mom’s Got Style”.

Since my Mom is currently living with me right now, I thought this would be the perfect chance for us to show off some of her dresses from the 1970s that she had passed along to me awhile back.  We had a lot of fun with this photo shoot (and thanks to my Dad for taking pictures – now he knows what Marvin goes through each time HA)!

The floral dress reminds me of very much so of “Little House On The Prarie” with the puff sleeves, style, cut, and length.  The floral pattern is still pretty darn cute though.  Maybe one day, if I feel ambitious enough, I can redo the dress to make it shorter, more fitted, and flattering.

The striped dress really isn’t too far off from something I could see myself wearing now!  It’s short, fitted without being too tight, and of course we all know that stripes are in!  Adding a punch of red to it with hair accessories or shoes makes it go along w/ the ever popular nautical theme that’s so hot right now. 

The verdict is in.  My Mom really did have great style.  :)  Did yours?

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  1. ohmygosh Sandy! these photos are so cute… you mom is stinkin’ adorable! I love it. while my mom didn’t have much growing up, she still found creative ways to be stylish. she wore the miniest of minis… it’s insane. lol. she actually saved the outfit she wore when were first moved from the phillipines to hawaii… it was a super adorable culottes set. It was a size 24!!! oh how i wish i could fit into it. LOL.

    xx Love & Aloha

  2. i was looking through old pictures this weekend and i loved my mom’s outfits! she was sporting a lot of things i wish she still kept! polka dots, horizontal stripes, floral tanks, etc.

  3. The photos with your mom are adorable! My mom and I have VERY different taste in clothes. I think now she’s learned not to buy me them anymore for gifts, haha.


  4. Great post!

    I really like that you two switched dresses so that there were pictures of you both in each dress!

    Your Mom did have great style! (And, I imagine in her own way she still does!)

    This post made me smile. =)

    (Coming over from the link-up party!)

  5. Hey Sandy… just clicked over from Erika’s blog. These pictures are too good. I love how willing and cute your Mom is in all of these! And yes, the trading outfits was a nice addition :)

  6. aw, what a sweet post! i love the pictures! i’m glad my grandma has packrat tendencies and kept so many of her clothes from the 50′s on, that way i developed a love of vintage in elementary school!

  7. Oh my goodness your mother is so adorable! I wish my mum saved all of her 60s and 70s dresses, I’d totally wear them now! I love the dress Sandy! /Madison xo

  8. I love that you and your mom can bond over fashion. My mother and I are the same way – she always made sure that I looked cute as a kid, and instilled in me to always look my best. You both look cute – two peas in a pod!


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