Neon and Polka Dots

Blouse: Old Navy {similar} | Cardigan: TJ Maxx {similar} | Skirt: H&M {similar} | Shoes: Gift from Friend {similar} | Necklace: Francesca’s {similar}

This outfit makes me happy.  It’s got many elements that go along with current trends: neon colors, polka dots, geometric necklace, lace (on back of cardigan).  But even better, I’m wearing many of my favorite colors: pink, yellow, and grey.  I think it’s the yellow and polka dots that always put be in a cheery or better than normal mood.  It’s interesting how what you wear can affect your own mood or what others feel about you.  Like for example, many fast food restaurants are decorated in red because it makes you a feel a sense of urgency, they just want you in and out fast.  Or how wearing black signifies power and responsibility in the workplace.  Hmmm promotion time is coming up… maybe I should be wearing this color more.  ;)

Thanks again to Denene Brox for taking these photos of me!

What are your thoughts on color psychology?

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  1. This look is so cute, Sandy! I love the neon colors with the polka dot skirt. The shoes go so well with the necklace too!

  2. I love everything about this outfit! The skirt is just too cute, and with the yellow and pink, it’s just an awesome outfit :) Plus your hair looks amazing!

  3. Your outfit is so fun and cheery! The polka dot skirt is so cute. I find I’m inn such a better mood when I wear bright colors!

  4. I am so tempted to buy that geometic necklace right now! And you’re totally right about colors, just looking at you in those neons, it just makes you look so happy! :)


  5. I love this outfit! The 2nd pic (the close up) is gorgeous…love the light bouncing off, seriously looks like it belongs in a magazine lol Yay for liberty memorial, neon, polka dots, smiles, and sunshine!

  6. I absolutely love this color combo! I just got a top in the same print as your skirt, and have been on the hunt for a neon skirt to go with it!

  7. I love this whole outfit!! The polka dot skirt is killing me with cuteness overload. I love how you always pair colors together that I would never think of.

    Color psychology is really cool to me. I know that a pale, pastel color is used in hospitals to encourage a calm environment. Orange is obnoxious and used to be used in a lot of McD’s to get people in and our quickly (but funny how a lot of the restaurants are now using earth tones to encourage people to dine-in more).

  8. Hi Sandy,

    Truly colorful outfits!! Your outfit always make me feel happiness and sunshine and I always adore your courage trying new things.I agreed with you that black color is more to professional but black color make me feel moody sometimes.

    Great day ahead.

  9. Love it! Now let’s talk about that watch. It made my heart stop! I’ve been on the hunt for an over-sized, slightly androgynous watch for many months. The Kate Spade collection is the best I’ve seen so far and your watch reminds me of their Seaport design. Where did you find it?!

  10. Sandy, I think this is quite possibly my favorite outfit of yours ever….you look awesome and the colors are so much fun. You can never go wrong with little polka dots!! :)

  11. Neon colors or bright colors definitely can lighten up my mood! :) I really love the skirt and how you pair the whole outfit Sandy! looking good!!!

  12. This outfit is adorable, and I am in love with the neon!! It’s so complimentary with the polka dots. Your necklace is my favorite – for serious.

  13. this outfit is fabulous! i love the mix of all the trends, yet it doesnt seem “trendy” it seems classic and timeless with a modern twist. If you love pink, yellow and grey you are going to love my new brand relaunch :)

  14. This outfit makes me happy too! It’s so summery and perfect. I also love this color combination! You are inspiring me to create an outfit with this combination! Your skirt is so flirty and fun!

  15. This look is beautiful on you! Certain colors and patterns always make me happy – polka dots are definitely one of them…

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