Being Matchy Matchy

Blouse: Modcloth {similar} | Cardigan c/o Miss Chic  | Pants: J. Crew Factory | Purse: Coach | Bracelet: JEWELIQ

Before I became a half style, half other things blogger, I was always about being matchy matchy with what I wore.  As in, if I wear a bright colored pair of shoes, I’d need to make sure that the same color is in my top or my scarf, or somewhere.  And you can ask my husband about it, but NEVER did I ever wear black and brown together, or gold and silver jewelry together.  But now, all style rules are out the door and I feel like a free woman.  Ha, OK, getting carried away here.

No, but really, this outfit I wore for Thanksgiving (it’s got orange and browns!) makes me happy because it’s fun to go back to my matchy matchy roots once in awhile.  It makes me so giddy inside that the lime on the tip of the bow on the blouse matches the lime trim on the cardigan.  The navy on the trim of the blouse goes with my cords.  The silver threads on the cardigan go with my silver jewelry.  And the rest of the outfit is shades of taupe, tan and brown.

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Do you have a matchy matchy, needs to coordinate, or anything goes type of style?

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  1. I definitely have a mix it up style. If something matches too well, I’ll throw in one element that kind of clashes :)

  2. I have a very hard time not being matchy matchy. It’s just how I am, you know? But I try to take cues from others bloggers too. Maybe step out of my box a little.

  3. This matchy matchy outfit totally rocks! I love how subtle it matches, but it looks like the blouse and sweater could have come together as a set :) I tend to try not to match too much, but I do get excited when small things match :)

  4. ooooh, I don’t like matchy matchy. I like the mess up mix up look more but my problem is color. I will have 3-4 neutrals on at once. boring. help!

  5. I used to be a lot more “matchy matchy” too before I started blogging. Now I’m a fashion rule breaker!! Haha just kidding kind of :) I love this look, and the matchy matchy girl in me loves how the lime of your top and sweater match too!

  6. I still like to be at least a tiny bit matchy matchy – enough so the outfit seems cohesive and not just random things thrown together, but not overbearing in matchiness.

    The cardi and top really do go well together. :)

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