Our Family of Three in Manhattan Beach, CA

I am so excited to finally share these photos with you. These pictures were especially special for us as they were taken on Austin’s 1st birthday – the exact day (December 28)! The first set was taken at Poliwog Park and the second set were taken at Manhattan Beach. It’s kind of crazy to think that just one month ago we were on the beach… and now it’s 10 degrees in Kansas City. Anyhow, these photos were taken by the super talented Anna Delores Photography. For those in the LA & Ventura County area, I highly highly recommend her!










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I really LOVE how these turned out and I’m so happy that Austin was such a great sport that day!!  I definitely want to turn a photo or two of these into a canvas print and hang some others up on the walls in our house.  It’s so hard to pick a favorite though, which one do you like best?

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  1. Aw, these are adorable!! Your little man is too cute! You have such a beautiful family and these photos turned out amazing!

  2. I love the one of you and him far away with him in the air…and the 3rd to last one. you guys are adorable (and your hair looks really pretty here!)

  3. These are such gorgeous photos. As for a canvas that is a difficult decision. Maybe the one with the feet or with your back to the camera? And then any one of the family ones. Haha that is a hard decision. x

  4. Ahh~ these pics must be from the day I was talking to you when I went into labor and you were on your way to the photo shoot :) The photos turned out lovely! Love the one of all three of your feet and Austin’s lil hand in it =P

  5. What great family moments captured on film- I especially like the ‘bank’ shot in the playground!

  6. These photos are absolutely stunning Sandy! I love the one of your backs with the pier, I think it’s such a beautiful moment to capture. Emily is amazing and I can’t wait to shoot with her!!!!!

  7. You guys look like a model family, seriously, these could be some sort of ad pictures! I love everything, from your outfits to your poses!

  8. Gorgeous pictures, you have such a sweet son! I love the photos of the foot prints in the sand, and you, your husband and Austin walking in the sand


  9. These are just stunning photos! You have the sweetest little family ever and your son is adorable. Thanks so much for sharing. It is great seeing what a wonderful family life you have xo

  10. Happy Birthday again to sweet Austin. Just love seeing these photos of you three together, Sandy!

    Hope your year has gotten off to a wonderful start.

    hug to you,


  11. Such beautiful photos! I love Austin’s smile, you looked beautiful (hair so lovely curled) and if I had to pick one to print on canvas, it’d definitely be one where the fam is walking on the beach, or a close up of just the feet. Austin’s feet are yummy enough to eat!

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