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Hi friends! Hope you are having an amazing weekend! It’s been a relaxing one for us and I wouldn’t have it any other way~! Today I have another sweet Valentine’s giveaway brought to you by one of my Partners, Conversation Pieces.  You’ve seen be wear tons of their clothes in my outfit pictures as I am a huge fan of their store.  The store owner Audrey has an amazing sense of style and is able to offer up her pieces for such great prices!  I also love that she gets new stuff in almost every week.  Up for grabs is the SOLD OUT Smittened Sweater in a size MEDIUM, to be received just in time for Valentine’s Day!  You saw me style is last week on the blog.  I honestly think that anyone who is a Small, Medium or Large could wear this sweater… if you are Small, you can play it off as a cute oversized sweater, if you are Medium, it should fit you nicely, and if you are Large, it might be a bit snug but it has some stretch so it should still work!
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Entries for this giveaway close on February 6, 2013 at 12:00AM.  This giveaway is open INTERNATIONALLY!  Good luck!

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  1. Well, v-day falls on a Thursday this year, so of course I have to work. We aren’t huge on celebrating “Hallmark holidays” around here, but I’m sure I’ll do something a little special like bake the hubs some cookies or write a little note to say “I love you.” :-)

  2. We are making lego star wars valentines for my son’s class party and then will have a quiet dinner of steak and creamed corn for dinner. Yum!

  3. This year we’re going to Ray’s the Steaks for a nice dinner and I’ve got something cute planned for him! Now…whether we go on Valentine’s Day or another day depends on if he’s working or not. :(

  4. I was just looking at this style of sweater on Old Navy’s site – but this one is ADORABLE!! It’s the perfect color too :) This year, my husband and I are having a mini-getaway. Nana is watching our Little One and we’re spending an evening + night in the City, wining and dining :)

  5. For this year, on Valentine’s Day, my boyfriend decided to surprise me and is gonna take me to a four day trip to Rome! Can’t wait! :D

  6. My husband has booked reservations to a nice restaurant we’ve never been too. We are also exchanging gifts and candy. It’s our first married Valentine’s Day and we are both very excited.

  7. Oops. Hit enter too soon. I think I’m gonna be stuck serving at the restaurant the entire day, so I’ll watch other couples celebrate!

  8. Oops I also hit enter too soon but last Valentines my husband, who is a licensed private pilot, took my on a sunset flight over dallas and made me an amazing dinner and chocolate fondue!

  9. My plan for Valentine’s Day is to mope and throw a pity party for single self hehe.
    Love the heart sweater!!!

  10. My upcoming Valentine’s Day plans are going for a romantic candlelight dinner followed by movie.
    My favorite past Valentine’s Day gift is a Guess bag by my husband.

  11. On V-Day we’re going to give the kids each a small gift and a card, but the next evening my hubby and I are going out for a nice dinner.

  12. So cute I love it! And it’s my size :) I like staying home and cooking together & doing a movie night, since restaurants are always so busy! We always order a chocolate cake with whipped cream frosting for dessert too :)

    Thank you!

  13. I LOVE Valentine’s Day! I’ve already got my place completely decorated and I’m looking forward to spending the day with my family doing the little things we love like a bike ride to the park and maybe an ice cream cone on the way home. As for romantic plans…the hubby and I are going out of town the following week and agreed we’d go out for a nice belated V-day dinner then. :)

  14. What a cute sweater! We haven’t planned anything yet, but since we’re also celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary I guess we’re going to eat out and have some drinks :p.

    Hope you have a wonderful week! ;D


  15. Ooo pick me! That is an adorable sweater!

    I am getting surprised this year, so I am excited to see what my boyfriend has planned :) Last year I made him a personalized version of monopoly with all our favorite places and fun details. It was a big hit!

  16. No plans yet, and probably none to materialize, as my boyfriend is out of town… Though I may just enjoy shopping with some single friends.

  17. I’ll study for the exam on the 15th of February) I hope I’ll go out for a little in the evening, and I hope I’ll get tons of chocolate (it’s my favorite St.Valentine’s gift))

  18. Great giveaway!
    My plans for Valentine Day are: to eat at the restaurant with my boyfriend and passing the midnight together because we do 2 years the 15 of February :) Romantic <3
    Debora Ferri

  19. Eeek, I LOVE the sweater! I’m looking forward to a quiet night in this Valentine’s day, with a nice home-cooked meal, some wine and movies :)

  20. totally been crushing on that sweater since you posted it!

    my valentine’s day will be pretty low-key…prenatal classes with my husband! : ) our last valentine’s day as just the two of us…spent learning about our baby-to-be!

  21. Such a cute sweater. Love how you styled it. I am making a special Valentine’s Day dinner for my husband and our two little one’s.

  22. I’m usually the planner in the relationship so I love that on Valentine’s day my only job is to get dressed, the rest is up to him!

  23. My favorite Valentine’s Day present was a rosebush for my garden- my husband always knows what I want!

  24. Well I’m a really fun person this year. I have two tests that day so Andrew is going to barely see me. Basically my plan is to be a crab ;)

  25. I plan on spending my valentines day with my husband. This is our dirt valentines together as a married couple and we are excited. My favorite past valentines gift was spending one of our valentines with our sweet little girl.

  26. My husband and I have started a tradition of ordering Chinese take out to avoid the crowds of the restaurants. We both love Chinese food and shared this love when we met.

  27. My boyfriend buy for me a really special gift…
    A cup that changes colours and on this cup there is a photo of us togheter XD <3

  28. We’ll be creating cocktails at home with the tools my hubby had for Christmas… a bubbly, boozy Valentine!

  29. No actual plans for Vday as my husband gets his eye surgery that day but a romantic trip to the mountains this weekend will suffice :)

  30. Anything that involves my sweet hubby and amazing kiddos, that is my perfect valentines day :)

  31. My husband and I aren’t too big on Valentine’s (I don’t like crowds, so we tend to do special things on our anniversary instead), we don’t go out, just sit home and watch a movie. I do always get cards, I love giving Valentine’s cards.

  32. We are having dinner at a restaurant that is considered Miami’s little darling. Surprisingly enough, we have never eaten there and since we really don’t like the V-day crowds, we are just hitting it up a few days earlier. :)

  33. This is actually the first Valentine’s Day that I’m actually dating someone, but he is keeping our plans a secret :) On a less exciting note, I have a dentist appointment scheduled early in the day…

  34. this year I’m planning on baking cupcakes with hidden hearts inside, so when we slice’em we’ll see little red hearts. we don’t really celebrate valentine’s so it’s gonna be a surprise. plus, my husband has a test that day and it’ll cheer him up :)

  35. No plans for this year…as it is, we usually don’t make a big deal of V-day, preferring to do our own thing throughout the year and not because of a calendar date. But I’ve been umemployed for some time now, so we’re really cutting down on the extras. Maybe I’ll have a job offer to celebrate :-)

  36. well its my husbands birthday so unfortunately that holiday is all about him. I am planning to take hime to a nice quiet dinner without kids and maybe a movie after :)

  37. Will spend V day on my own:) I am enjoying a long distance relationship with my boyfriend, who is in China, while I’m in the US. Sometimes I feel lonely, but also I’ve learnt how to be independent :)

  38. I would wear this constantly. lol. Favorite Vday was spent in Paris with my love last year :). This year will be hard to beat!

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