Dear Austin: Fourteen Months

Dear Austin,

We officially stopped taking lion mat photos at 1 year since you won’t lay still anymore, but I just had to take one more at 14 months in your bigger sized moose onesie (it’s the same one you had when you were born)!  My how you have grown, I think I say this in every letter.

Austin's Weekly Pics

You are now eating table food and feeding yourself.  You pretty much eat everything we do and you especially love meat, bread, and homemade smoothie ice cream bites made of fruits and veggies.  You drink organic whole milk with DHA 3 times a day and for awhile you were obsessed with your Dooby straw cup and would only drink out of it, but you’ve since branched out and am open to other straw cups, phew.

We are strong believers in sign language and you are SO good at it.  The things you can sign/point to us are… kiss, bye, ear, hair, rainbow, clap, hungry, big belly, brush your teeth, exercise, and signs to go along with “5 little monkeys jumping on the bed” and “two tigers” (in Chinese).  You can find books for us when we say the title of the book and reading books is probably your most favorite activity ever!  That’s a good thing, keep it up!  :)  And you can dunk a ball into a bin.  You’ve been a pro at saying “Mama” for awhile and you are slowly learning how to produce more sounds, like “Apple” (really hilarious video if you are bored and want to watch a minute of Austin trying to say “Apple”).

Fourteen Months

You are a very fast crawler and can walk while holding on to things.  In the past few days, we’ve seen you take a step or two going from couch to table and can “walk” while we hold on to your hands.  It’s only a matter of time before you start walking, and we hear that life will just get busier, for all of us!

Your time with Grandma/Grandpa watching you at home is coming to an end in a few weeks here, but we’ve found a daycare for you that we hope you will love.  We are excited for you to meet some new friends and learn from other little ones and your new teacher.  Life will be so different, for all of us, but we are looking forward to this next adventure in our lives!

Mommy and Daddy

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  1. ohmygodness!! Austin is getting SO BIG!!! Goodness!! It seems like just yesterday you were posting photos of your outfits while you were pregnant with him!! :)
    I love these pictures and I love the same outfit a year later!! xoxo

  2. Austin is adorable, I know sign language, and I think it’s really good that you can sign to each other!


  3. Oh Sandy, this is precious. Austin is so adorable. What a wonderful 1 week and 1 year photos of him on his lion mat! How he has grown…. Excited and happy for your next adventure :)


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