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Dress: Kmart ($55.99, saved $28.01 with Kmart coupon codes)| Shoes: Zara | Bracelets: Kmart ($10.99, saved $2.89 with Kmart coupon codes) | Necklace: Apple Of My Eye Jewelry | Bag: Chanel

As I shared with you in this gifted me $100 to Kmart as part of the Show Your Savvy Style collaboration.  This is my second post in this series.  For this look, I wanted to try something out from their AX Paris line of clothing.  The clothes in this line are meant to wear for going out, looking sexy, and are of a trendier style.  They have maxi dresses, bodycon dresses, cut out dresses, form fitting dresses, party dresses… totally things I wouldn’t have thought of to get at a Kmart.

I love this dress I got because I think it looks like a piece of art and I don’t have anything quite like it in my closet!  It’s got a great mix of colors, is a good knee length and has a cutaway sleeveless top for some extra flair!  ;)  I decided to play off of the orange in the dress and pair it with an orange/gold bracelet and some bright orange shoes!  Add in my Chanel bag, and let’s call it a date night!  ;)  Linking up to Fashion and Beauty Find’s Keeping It Casual link up!

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Do you have clothing that you think looks like art?

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  1. Love love this dress, Sandy. I wish I could say I have something artistic, but I don’t :( that’s something I need to work on… Getting some prints in my closet!

  2. Oh my gosh this dress is so fabulous! You look like a celebrity in this beautiful outfit. I’m obsessing over the colors and your heels! So vibrant and classy – love it!

  3. Ok, that dress is gorgeous, and I can’t believe you bought it at Kmart! Great pairing it with those shoes too!

  4. This entire outfit is absolutely gorgeous. That Chanel bag is to die for,.

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  5. Oh my goodness, what an amazing dress. I had to do a double-take when I saw that it was from Kmart. Love that you played up the orange – gorgeous shoes. You look fantastic!

    Merch Maven

  6. Amazed that this dress is from Kmart!! I’ve been loving the looks that you put together for this series. Can’t wait to see more! xo Carolyn

  7. Can’t believe this is from Kmart! Wonderful pick! I have a play-on polka shirt from Banana Republic Factory Store and it’s like art b/c the dots are really around. More like paint drops.

  8. you’re slim down a lot since your pregnancy.and your dress is truly amazziiiing!! i can imagine myself wearing this and look as elegant as you are..great choice,sandy
    xo josephine

  9. that dress is gorgeous! i could definitely see myeslf wearing something like that to work with a coordinating blazer or cardigan. so many options!

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