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When I was pregnant with my first baby, I remember documenting my bump weekly, comparing it to fruit and giving status updates on this blog.  This time around, it’s been tough to keep up the weekly pictures with a 2 year old running around so just wanted to give a little update on my pregnancy thus far!  We’ve officially his 20 weeks which is halfway through this pregnancy.  Time is really flying on this one.  I feel like my bump really “popped” in the last few weeks and so far my total weight gain is 10 pounds, with 6 pounds of it being in the last 4 weeks.  I feel my face and legs and booty and arms getting a little bigger too so I will need to start watching what I eat (since I haven’t really been), but I have been working out 2-3 times a week which I love (I didn’t work out at all with my first pregnancy).  I know I keep promising the gender reveal will come soon, but the truth is we’ve been having to keep postponing our gender reveal photo shoot because of a various of reasons such as Austin getting sick, travel, etc…  So hopefully I will get to reveal before May is over!

But anyways, a little bit about this outfit, let’s just say you should start getting used to seeing me in kimonos because you’ll see me in at least 3 this month!  I love wearing them with a fitted tank or tee and it’s great for those 70 degree weather days.  Oh and my gold Saltwaters?  I’m in LOVE with them and want more colors.

Outfit Details:
Kimono: Tillys
Pants: PinkBlush Maternity
Bag: Saint Laurent
Sandals: Saltwater Sandals

12 Comments ( Reply )

  1. Marine
    May 05, 2014 @ 6:23 am

    Your kimono is so beautiful ! I like it ! You’re so pretty too :)

  2. Alissa
    May 05, 2014 @ 6:28 am

    You look gorgeous Sandy!

  3. Erika
    May 05, 2014 @ 6:44 am

    Yay for 20 weeks!! I’m at 38.5 right now with my first and I can’t believe how fast it snuck up on me :) You look great and that outfit is so pretty.

  4. Christina Storm
    May 05, 2014 @ 7:18 am

    Love this look! That kimono is so pretty!

    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina

  5. Nettie
    May 05, 2014 @ 7:36 am

    I love this kimono! Good luck with your pregnancy :)

  6. kelsey
    May 05, 2014 @ 9:22 am

    looking lovely in that shift
    ladies in navy

  7. jillian
    May 05, 2014 @ 10:36 am

    you are the CUTEST! :) i love that floral kimono.
    stop by, im hosting a giveaway. xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  8. Lauren
    May 05, 2014 @ 10:56 am

    YAY for kimonos during pregnancy! :)

  9. meghan
    May 05, 2014 @ 12:43 pm

    amazing floral kimono! love this!

    XO Meghan
    citrus fashion

  10. lisacng @ expandng.com
    May 05, 2014 @ 3:10 pm

    Yay, half way!!! Can’t wait to hear the gender!

  11. Dancing Branflake
    May 07, 2014 @ 9:02 am

    You look fabulous!!!

    I love that you love to workout. It’s so inspirational to hear that!

  12. Karen Davis
    May 10, 2014 @ 10:29 pm

    I can’t wait to hear what you’re having!!!

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