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For this Fall, I have 2 obsessions.  One is wearing my Summer florals throughout this season by adding layers and such.  I feel like each season I have a new favorite pattern.  It used to be stripes, polka dots, but now it’s florals.  My second obsession is buying vests (eeks)!  I love puffy vests, long vests, knit vests, fur vests, I want it all in my wardrobe!  They are the perfect thing for adding layers and keeping warm in the 50-70 degree Fall weather.  And this outfit encompasses both of these obsessions.  :)









Outfit Details:

Top c/o Lucy and Lyla
Vest: Avenle
Pants: ASOS
Shoes: JustFab
Bag c/o Lucy and Lyla
Necklace: Olive + Piper
Bracelet: Brin & Bell

What are your Fall trend obsessions?

P.S. Winner of the Baby Boden giveaway is Ashley M. Morrissey!  Congrats!  I sent you an email!!


It was always my dream to have a boy and a girl, to make my family complete, and Vivian completed that dream. Whenever I used to shop for little boy clothes for Austin, my eyes would always wander to the girls section as frankly, there is so much more girls stuff and it’s just so dang cute!! Not to say I don’t have fun dressing up my little man, but the accessories for little girls are endless (which doesn’t bode to well for my wallet…).

These pictures were taken the other day when I went out on a mommy and baby lunch date with Autumn Klair, Fatima and Dearest Lou.  Vivian does so well when we go out, she only cried near the end of our outing when she got hungry, but there’s nothing like a nursing session from the car to fix that!  :)













My outfit:
Dress: Riffriff
Necklace: Hello Cheeseburger
Bag c/o Lily Jade
Shoes: Tory Burch

Little Girl’s outfit:
Dress: Sally Sarah Design
Cardigan: Babies R Us
Leggings c/o Haute and Dapper
Shoes: Joe Fresh
Headband: Little Kate Designs

Ever since I’ve started shopping for Vivian, I’ve found sooo many handmade shops out there that it’s pretty mind blowing how many are out there.  I love supporting the handmade (did you know I used to run an etsy shop?) as I know how much work goes into each and every piece.  Sally Sarah Design seriously makes the prettiest little girl dresses and skirts and we are the proud owner of a few of them.  Her pattern and print designs are just amazing.  Haute and Dapper and I have grown pretty close via Instagram (I love how we DM each other Starbucks drink orders haha) and Vivian loves wearing her leggings.  They are super soft, fit nicely and comfy!  She also makes them in some really fun designs!!  And lastly, Little Kate Designs is one of the millions of headband shops for little girls that I have shopped from and fallen in love with.  I actually ordered headbands from her shop even before Vivian was born and was just waiting and waiting for her to finally be able to wear them.  :)  There’s just SO many more shops out there that I plan to continue to highlight and tag on my Instagram so make sure to follow if you have a little girl (or boy) in your life! :)


Have y’all heard of Birdling Bags before?  Well if you are looking for a weekender/overnight/all round travel bag, then they have the bags for you.  They’ve got bags in a couple of colors, ones that are gorgeous and would “go” with a lot.  And the space, seriously, when I received the bag, I was shocked at the size of it and the cool part is that the inside is compartmentalized (which is great for separating adult clothes, kid’s clothes, kid’s stuff like diapers and sippy cups, etc.).  We haven’t gone on a family trip yet since the baby is still pretty teeny tiny but I can’t wait to bring this bag with us on our next hiking adventure… or more like ski trip adventure (I’m thinking a ski trip in Park City once it snows?).

I’d like to give a special shoutout to this necklace, TAudreyis a shop I found via Instagram… been finding a lot of shops that way lately, and I just love all of their customized jewelry pieces.  They’ve got some chunky ones like the one I’m wearing and a lot of cute little dainty pieces as well.  And these booties?  I honestly have other pairs in this color, but the detail on it, in LOVE!








Outfit Details:

Top c/o Lilac Clothing
Skirt: J.Crew
Boots: Pree Brulee
Bag c/o Birdling Bags (last few days to get a special price on this color!)
Necklace: TAudrey


One thing I so love about Fall is being able to wear tights, which means I don’t have to shave my legs (as often), since I hardly even have time to shower these days anyways.  ;)  This dress is another nursing friendly one and seriously, as I shop these days, that is what I am looking for.  There’s been many a time in the past few weeks where I’ve had to nurse the car, I haven’t mustered up the courage to just nurse in a public place, but I am sure I will need to do so someday or another.  And those shoes?  You may think they are a warm weather shoe, but I think the color and closed toe style lends itself well to wearing with tights!










And in the spirit of keeping to shades of green in this post, these pants have gotten so much wear out of them that we’ve really gotten their money’s worth.  They are just his favorite colored skinnies and although they are 18-24 month size, he can still wear them and he is almost 3!  My little man is still in 2T stuff and hasn’t gone on to fully fitting into size 3T yet, but that’s OK with me because I want him to stay little as long as possible!!  This shirt really is on par with everything that’s going on right now because as I’ve had to spend lots of time with his little sister, he is seriously like Daddy’s little sidekick.






My outfit:
Dress c/o Queen Bee Maternity
Cardigan: GAP
Bag: Saint Laurent {gorgeous option}
Mama Bracelet: Brin & Bell
Shoes: ShoeDazzle

Little Man’s outfit:
Top: Zara
Pants: GAP
Shoes: Native


Throughout the end of my pregnancy, I LIVED in maxi dresses.  And then I went a whole month without wearing them and realized just how much I really miss them.  So beware, get ready to see a wave of maxi dresses on here.  The best thing about this one, is the wrap top is great for nursing.  AND if I ever got pregnant again (don’t worry, it’s not happening), I could wear this dress through another pregnancy.  Oh yea and this is going to be my new holiday dress too.. because it’s got 4th of July, Labor Day, Christmas colors in it, so it’s really a great all around dress!

But eeeks!  Just noticed my Tory bag has some dents in it, must have happened in the move.  Anyone have any ideas to get my bag back to a perfect structured look again??







Outfit Details:
Dress c/o Riffraff (take 10% off your order with code SANDYALAMODE)!
Shoes: Madewell
Bag: Tory Burch
Necklace: Bip & Bop
Earrings c/o Conversation Pieces (free shipping with code SANDY and there’s a 20% off sale going on now)!
Bracelet: Brin & Bell