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Announcing… Baby #2!

posted: 03.23.14 | 34 comments

So… we’ve been keeping a secret for the past 14.5 weeks.  Baby #2 is joining our family in mid-September!  :)  We are over the moon excited, nervous, joyful, anxious and just a whole mix of emotions!  We had been planning/trying for a few months now, so was in disbelief but utter excitement when we got [...]

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Happy Second Birthday To Our Little Man!

posted: 12.29.13 | 22 comments

Garland and cake topper by Carousel Lane. This little man of ours just turned two. We had a little celebration with family in Ohio and it was filled with the best kind of stuff. We started off with family pictures at the mall, rides on an ice cream truck, escalator AND elevator (his fave), Indian [...]

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Halloween Mini Sessions with Bokeh Story Photos!

posted: 09.30.13 | 13 comments

A couple of weekends ago, I got Austin all dressed up and ready to go to his first official photoshoot! I know, I know, I’m always taking photos of Austin, but for once, it was nice to have someone else do the photo taking, instead of me taking pictures on my phone.  One of my [...]

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Dear Austin: Twenty One Months

posted: 09.25.13 | 24 comments

Dear Austin, The last letter I wrote to you on this blog was 7 months ago, tsk tsk, bad Mommy! I think instead of writing you letters here and posting your pictures here, I’ve been doing a lot of that on Instagram, but I still feel that it’s important to document your growth on here [...]

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Feature Sponsor Love + Giveaway – Deerie Handmade

posted: 09.09.13 | 22 comments

I told you, Austin is obsessed with his moccasins.  Just like the red ones he wore in the last post, these navy ones are great all season shoes. As the nights stay warm and the sun is still out before bedtime, we love taking Austin (and his trains) outside for a little evening walk. Little [...]

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