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What’s In Our Hospital Bags

posted: 09.08.14 | 5 comments

We’ve had our hospital bags packed and in a room by the garage since I was 37-38 weeks and I just wanted to do a little post on what is inside for those that are wondering!  Since this is my second time around, I cut things down by a lot from the first time and [...]

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The Pregnancy Pillow

posted: 07.27.14 | 3 comments

For all you mamas out there, have you ever used a pregnancy pillow?  These things are awesome as they make sleeping with a huge preggo belly so much more comfortable.  I love wrapping my body, legs, arms around it while my belly is cradled in it too.  My husband complains it’s like having a third [...]

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Baby Favorites: 0-3 Months… Round Two!

posted: 07.09.14 | 4 comments

We are quickly approaching our due date for Baby #2 (only 10 more weeks to go) so I figure I do another round of Baby Favorites… or rather things that I know worked from Baby #1 and some new things I have discovered and want to try out for Baby #2 (based on reviews from [...]

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Keeping Stylish With Huggies Clutch ‘n’ Clean Wipes

posted: 07.03.14 | 6 comments

This post is sponsored by Huggies, but all opinions expressed are my own. With the long weekend coming up, there’s bound to be a lot of outdoor time, BBQ eating, and family time. And with that comes more opportunities for little ones to make messes while eating, playing in the dirt outside or sitting on [...]

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Baby Girl Nursery Inspiration

posted: 06.19.14 | 7 comments

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been pinning like crazy on my Baby Girl Nursery inspiration board and I just wanted to share the theme and a few pieces I have in mind on my wishlist!  The main colors I want to have are shades of pink, mint, yellow, gold and grey (as you can [...]

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