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baby bump

Florals and photobombing…

posted: 09.04.14 | 31 comments

I’ve always been a huge fan of color… in my clothing, in my home, in my life, everywhere.  And this outfit is the epitome of that!  One of my favorite and dearly missed Kansas City boutiques, Tulip (on the Country Club Plaza for those who live there or are visiting) sent me this beautiful dress [...]

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My Baby #1 Pregnancy By Week Recap

posted: 01.18.12 | 46 comments

I loved that my first pregnancy coincided with having this blog.  It’s been a pleasure sharing my bump outfit pictures with you as well as what’s been going on with my body through the 40+ weeks carrying my Baby #1 (not sure how many more will follow at this point, but will keep you posted, [...]

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Taking His Sweet Little Time

posted: 12.26.11 | 32 comments

Dress: Tea & Tulips | Cardigan Sweater c/o Maple Boutique | Belt: Forever 21 | Tights: TJMaxx | Shoes: Blowfish As my belly gets bigger and bigger (40 weeks, 3 days today), I can’t help but to live in big comfy sweaters (like the one I’m wearing from Maple Boutique) and tights.  Oh, and sweat [...]

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Today Is My Due Date!

posted: 12.23.11 | 34 comments

That’s right.  Today is the day my baby is supposed to be born!  I’ve been carrying him around in his humble abode for 40 weeks now.  But he’s still comfy as ever inside my belly, although the day is not over yet!  Did you know that only like 5-10% of babies are actually born on [...]

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39 Weeks and Counting

posted: 12.17.11 | 53 comments

Dress: French Connection | Button Down and Tights: Target | Belt: Forever 21 | Boots: Zara | Watch: Oh, Hello Friend Yup, we’re still waiting for our little A to arrive, soaking up the last little bits of being a twosome.  I have to admit though, we’re lazy as ever and trying to get as [...]

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