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baby care

Baby Favorites: 3-6 Months

posted: 01.17.13 | 16 comments

This post is a bit overdue now, since Austin is already past 12 months, but hopefully those new mamas can still find this useful!  Austin being 3-6 months really feels like an eternity ago.  He’s grown tremendously in every which way but sometimes, just sometimes I do miss those little baby days when he didn’t [...]

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Baby Favorites: 0-3 Months

posted: 06.22.12 | 15 comments

I’ve been getting a few requests lately from mama-to-be’s and new mamas about what baby products we used for A and loved.  So I decided to start a new series called “Baby Favorites” where I’d share some of the things that worked for us at a specific age.  Obviously since A is our first baby, [...]

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