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dear austin

Dear Austin: Twenty One Months

posted: 09.25.13 | 24 comments

Dear Austin, The last letter I wrote to you on this blog was 7 months ago, tsk tsk, bad Mommy! I think instead of writing you letters here and posting your pictures here, I’ve been doing a lot of that on Instagram, but I still feel that it’s important to document your growth on here [...]

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Dear Austin: Fourteen Months

posted: 02.28.13 | 25 comments

Dear Austin, We officially stopped taking lion mat photos at 1 year since you won’t lay still anymore, but I just had to take one more at 14 months in your bigger sized moose onesie (it’s the same one you had when you were born)!  My how you have grown, I think I say this [...]

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Happy First Birthday To My Baby Austin!

posted: 12.28.12 | 31 comments

Dear Austin, One year ago today, you were born and you changed my life forever.  This past year together, we went through a multitude of ups and downs.  It was a huge learning process, you trying to figure out how to cope, survive and communicate in this massive world, while your grandparents, Daddy and I [...]

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Dear Austin: Eight and Nine Months

posted: 10.08.12 | 23 comments

Dear Austin, Look at how long you are!  Your feet are hanging off of the lion mat with your long and muscular legs haha. At 8 months, we really started feeding you more solids and at first it seemed like you had an aversion to some foods.  You weren’t a huge fan of the bananas [...]

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Who does A look like?

posted: 08.26.12 | 34 comments

When Austin was first born, everyone said hands down he looked like his Dad.  But I always saw a little bit of me in him.  Who do you think Austin looks like?  Mom, Dad, combo of both?  Whose eyes, eyebrows, nose, mouth, ears, and overall look does he have?  Let’s start a vote! 

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