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A Shorter ‘Do

posted: 08.18.14 | 9 comments

If you haven’t noticed, I got a new hairdo… and it’s A LOT shorter!  My mom convinced me to do it since she says that I will need lower maintenance hair for when baby comes.  So my hairs are not all up in her business when she is feeding (although a ponytail holder could have [...]

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Sugary Sweet

posted: 08.17.14 | 12 comments

There’s something so true about the fact that if you are going to be having a girl, you crave sweets.  I mean, I’ve always craved sweets my whole life, but this pregnancy has really amplified it (or I just use her as an excuse to eat sweets).  ;)  It’s actually sweet stuff and lemonade that [...]

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Floral + Crochet

posted: 08.13.14 | 24 comments

Again, here’s another outfit with non-maternity pieces, so even though I feel like I’m kind of busting out of that skirt right there, at least I know I can wear it after I have the baby too and it will look a bit more normal.  ;)  I also do love how it accentuates my bump [...]

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All dolled up + a little bumpdate!

posted: 08.11.14 | 15 comments

I just wanted to take this opportunity to give a little “bumpdate” since it’s been quite awhile since I’ve actually updated you on this pregnancy.  This week I will be entering my 35th week of pregnancy and am feeling huge as ever.  I always had this theory that if you are having a girl, your [...]

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Neon all over

posted: 08.10.14 | 8 comments

Because I don’t own enough neon in my wardrobe and we’re still in the middle of Summer (although thank goodness the weather has cooled off a bit here), I just fell in love with this dress from deloom because it’s not only maternity friendly but fits the neon bill!  I am obsessed with sunnies these [...]

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