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Long and Flowy

posted: 07.24.14 | 9 comments

Yes I did.  I jumped on the Birkenstock bandwagon with a pair of Mayari Flat Sandals.  It’s not the traditional style so I like to think I didn’t completely follow the crowd, but nonetheless, I did buy some Birkenstocks this year.  It’s kind of funny to think that my Mom owns like 5 pairs and [...]

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Braided Crown

posted: 07.23.14 | 12 comments

With the weather that likes to stay in the 90 degree range these days, I am constantly looking for new ways to keep my hair out of my face.  Hair2Wear recently sent me this braided headband and I can’t stop wearing it.  It’s like the perfect little accessory to add to my hair to give [...]

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The Prettiest of Florals

posted: 07.20.14 | 19 comments

First of all, I really need to give a shout out to my photographer Jessa Kae!  She’s taken a few outfit pictures for me lately and I just love the way they have turned out!  She is a sweetheart and a pleasure to work with and knows how to tell me if I need to [...]

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Pops of Pink

posted: 07.17.14 | 16 comments

When I put together an outfit full of neutrals (yes, leopard is neutral too), there’s nothing more I love than adding pops of color to the outfit just to mix things up.  And hot pink is currently my favorite “pop” of the season (in my nails and necklace)!  I’ve always thought as red as a [...]

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Buying One of Every Color

posted: 07.16.14 | 14 comments

This top ain’t even a maternity top but it fits over my bump without being too short which means I can wear it as a looser tee for after I have baby as well.  This type of top gets double brownie points in my book!  It’s seriously so soft and comfortable and I want to [...]

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