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Floral and Grid Print

posted: 02.19.15 | 3 comments

Outfit Details: Blouse: Target Skirt: LulaRoe Necklace: Riffraff (take 10% off with code SANDYALAMODE) Shoes: Madewell Bag: Target Sunglasses: Silvano Hair Styled by: Emma’s Parlour Makeup by: Classy Cosmetics Photos by LC Photography All I got to say is right now my life is CRAZY right now and for some reason all the events decided [...]

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Florals and Pink Dots

posted: 02.15.15 | 10 comments

One of my favorite color combos is pink, grey and gold and this outfit has it all. One of my favorite patterns to mix is florals and polka dots and this outfit has got that too. I wore this outfit for the 3rd day of ALT Summit Winter a few weeks ago. The last time [...]

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Florals and Vests

posted: 10.30.14 | 8 comments

For this Fall, I have 2 obsessions.  One is wearing my Summer florals throughout this season by adding layers and such.  I feel like each season I have a new favorite pattern.  It used to be stripes, polka dots, but now it’s florals.  My second obsession is buying vests (eeks)!  I love puffy vests, long [...]

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The best travel bag

posted: 10.27.14 | 7 comments

Have y’all heard of Birdling Bags before?  Well if you are looking for a weekender/overnight/all round travel bag, then they have the bags for you.  They’ve got bags in a couple of colors, ones that are gorgeous and would “go” with a lot.  And the space, seriously, when I received the bag, I was shocked [...]

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Florals and photobombing…

posted: 09.04.14 | 31 comments

I’ve always been a huge fan of color… in my clothing, in my home, in my life, everywhere.  And this outfit is the epitome of that!  One of my favorite and dearly missed Kansas City boutiques, Tulip (on the Country Club Plaza for those who live there or are visiting) sent me this beautiful dress [...]

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