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S+P Michigan Wedding

posted: 08.27.13 | 18 comments

We just got back from vacation a couple days ago and I am still staying up late each night trying to get caught up on work, blogging, and life in general! Sorry if I haven’t commented on your blogs lately, I promise to get back to it very shortly! One of the main reasons for [...]

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A Weekend Trip To Texas With My Girls

posted: 01.13.13 | 9 comments

Thank you to all that have voted for me so far!  Please VOTE for me (again) today, you can vote once a day!! You’ll have to excuse my slowness with REALLY getting back into blogging lately.  The holidays, Austin’s birthday, additional responsibilities at work, trying to find a daycare for Austin… life has been a [...]

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Baby Shower #3

posted: 12.10.11 | 35 comments

So I realize these are a little bit overdue, but I’ve been so caught up with being full term and the fact that it’s totally a waiting game right now that I forgot to post pictures from our Baby Shower #3!  The one that happened to be in town and in the comfort of our [...]

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My MI Baby Shower!

posted: 10.30.11 | 54 comments

Hey all!  I’m so excited to finally be able to share some of my Michigan baby shower pictures with you all!  A couple Saturdays ago, my good friends from grade school and college threw me an amazing party.  There was a ton of food, a ton of friends, a ton of little baby presents, and [...]

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Audrey’s Big One!

posted: 10.16.11 | 22 comments

Remember this little cutie that I blogged about last year?  It’s crazy to think that she’s already ONE YEARS OLD now, time really does fly when you’re a baby huh?  Last weekend, some of us got together to celebrate Audrey’s 1st princess birthday party~!  :)  There was a lot of pink, presents, sweets, and fun! [...]

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