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Sporty Chic

posted: 10.21.14 | 8 comments

Is anyone else soaking up and loving this jogger pant trend like I am?  Because I still cannot fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans yet (nor do I want to), pants like these are the perfect pant for lounging around the house AND going out.  I’m not going out a lot just yet, but trying to [...]

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Full term and wearing heels…

posted: 08.26.14 | 11 comments

Whoa, we’ve reached 37 weeks (full term, baby) in this pregnancy and sometimes I still sneak in wearing heels once in awhile when I’m feeling fancy. I am happy to report that my belly button has not changed from an innie to an outie and although I feel drained from energy a little bit (like [...]

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The Pregnancy Pillow

posted: 07.27.14 | 3 comments

For all you mamas out there, have you ever used a pregnancy pillow?  These things are awesome as they make sleeping with a huge preggo belly so much more comfortable.  I love wrapping my body, legs, arms around it while my belly is cradled in it too.  My husband complains it’s like having a third [...]

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A Mama’s Heart

posted: 02.15.13 | 44 comments

 Photos taken by Bokeh Story Photos  I know Fridays aren’t the best days for heavy posts, but I wanted to share a little bit about what is going on in our lives right now.  From birth until now (13.5 months), Austin has been under the care of grandparents (both sets alternating months) who have lived [...]

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petiteBox – a box for mamas & babies!

posted: 05.17.12 | 19 comments

{website} {twitter} {facebook} {pinterest} As a new mom, I’m always on the look out for new products that I can buy for my baby boy.  It’s kind of crazy the massive amount of products a little person needs.  And what works for one baby, may not work for another!  So this is where petiteBox comes [...]

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