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Dressing The Bump: Dress and Leggings

posted: 04.09.14 | 10 comments

I hope you guys are loving this “Dressing The Bump” series… and here is look #3!  This look actually uses a fitted maternity dress (but could still use a non-maternity jersey dress) paired with tights.  Technically since this is a dress, it could be worn without leggings, but we don’t quite have the weather to [...]

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Dressing The Bump: Long Top and Skinnies

posted: 04.06.14 | 8 comments

This week I am going to bring you a fun little series called “Dressing The Bump”.  This week’s pictures are a bump that has just entered the second trimester.  Some looks are good for “hiding” it if you aren’t quite ready to reveal your secret and some are good for if you don’t mind if [...]

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A Few Essential Pieces

posted: 03.16.14 | 12 comments

Hey friends! Hope you had a wonderful weekend!  Ours was packed with activities, hot and cold weather, and a good time!  I’m wearing a few pieces here that I’ve gotten recently but worn many a time.  First, when I saw the floral blazer, I knew it was a must.  I just love all of the [...]

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Black, Neutral and Long Cardigans

posted: 03.09.14 | 13 comments

I wore this outfit for a lunch date with a couple of friends the other day.  It was probably the quickest shoot known to mankind because it was all kinds of negative windchill that day.  Hence why I am wearing every accessory possible to cover up every inch of my body except my hands and [...]

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Nadine West Subscription Review + A Casual Outfit

posted: 02.26.14 | 10 comments

Have you guys heard of Nadine West before?  I just discovered them recently and they are one of those subscription fashion boxes that are all the rage now.  Basically all you do is fill out a quiz so they can get to know you and your fashion, their stylists pick a “box” personalized for you, [...]

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