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Back to school I go… or not.

posted: 08.28.14 | 10 comments

I like to call this my “back to school” outfit even though I’ll probably never ever go back to school every again. Studying and exams, no thank you! I’d rather work and make money, please. But I think it’s the Converse sneakers and stripes and layers that remind me of this being a “school” outfit. [...]

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A Classic Work (Maternity) Outfit

posted: 08.21.14 | 7 comments

I think I told you all this before, but with the move to SLC, I was supposed to work from home, but got sucked into working for a local client here so have been actually going into an office setting every weekday.  I actually kind of enjoy it because I’ve spent 10 years of my [...]

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The Pineapple Obsession

posted: 07.07.14 | 11 comments

Because I wouldn’t be a fashion blogger if I didn’t have something “pineapple” printed, this top has got me covered.  Ironically, when I was pregnant with Austin, “eating pineapple” was one of those old wives’ tales to get the baby out faster.  So near the end of my pregnancy, I ate pineapple like crazy, and [...]

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Dressing Nautical and Patriotic

posted: 06.27.14 | 8 comments

We’ve officially MOVED to Salt Lake City, Utah!!!  :)  Although you may still be seeing some outfit pictures taken in Kansas City for a bit.  Seeing all these pictures of people going to the pool or beach on lunch breaks on social media, really has me itching to go out, which is what inspired this [...]

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Nautical Summer

posted: 06.18.14 | 15 comments

This is my “if I lived by a beach or were going boating, I would wear this” outfit.  Actually, it’s my “Austin wants to dip his toes and splash in the pool” outfit.  Lately, after dinner, we’ve been taking Austin on walks around our neighborhood.  We’ll let him pick the pool, pond or playground.  I [...]

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