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Sandy a la Mode is all about the little scoops of life that are delicious, homemade, crafty, savvy, inspirational, and fun!


Blog Owner: Sandy Chang
Blog Tech Guru: Kevin Chang
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I’m a married Taiwanese Midwesterner who has always loved drinking bubble tea, eating frozen yogurt, taking pictures, finding deals online, planning events, and traveling. I’ve always been a left brain type of girl who liked science and math, but in the six months I had to plan my own wedding, my right brain was really put to work! In the midst of the planning, my creative abilities really started to blossom. And ever since I married my husband, Marvin, in May 2009, I’ve been filling my time on what was spent on wedding planning to finding things to continually grow and challenge my creative outlet. When I am not at my 8 to 5 job or traveling around the world for it, my newfound passions for cooking, sewing, photography and reading are hobbies that I enjoy in my leisure time. I wanted to use this blog to share my journey in these passions. Thanks for letting me share with you!

A new decade brings new beginnings. This blog was started in January 2010. Hopefully I can keep up with my hobbies and the blog for at least a year… AT LEAST… hopefully longer. =)

the dish.
Eating delicious foods and trying new recipes have definitely been a few of my top priorities in life. However, growing up, I was never all too interested in how to create said foods, I was only interested in the end product. It wasn’t until a few months after I had been dating my husband that my passion for cooking and baking truly began. Since then, I’ve been given the name “Sandy Crocker” by my coworkers as I have been known to bring in my baking creations to work quite often. So “The Dish” section of this blog will be about my adventure in trying out new recipes for the first time!

picture this.
Taking pictures has always been an obsession of mine as my friends in college would always call me “Picture Queen”. This name not only stemmed from me having my camera on me at all times and wanting to document every moment, but also because I was always quick to upload my pictures and either post them on websites or email them out to friends. I’ve gone through 3 Canon point and shoots in my lifetime and I like them because they are compact and simple to use. But these days, it seems like more and more people are purchasing Digital SLRs for daily use, so I decided to jump on the bandwagon! With a Digital SLR, you are able to control a lot more in each photograph, but it does require a lot more thought with each picture you take. After I got my Digital SLR camera, I enrolled myself in an 8 session class at a local Art Institute where I learned about 3 main topics: the controls on my camera, composition of photos and Photoshop. So the “Picture This” section of this blog will mostly be dedicated to these topics.

Current Equipment:
Canon IS770

Canon 50D
28-135mm lens
50mm F1.4 lens
B+W 50mm lens filter
Sandisk 8GB Compact Flash
Camera Hood
Domke 19” grey camera wrap

in stitches.
My interest in sewing just recently began because I wanted to find a camera strap cover to accessorize with my Digital SLR camera. I looked high and wide on Etsy and Ebay to find one but realized that they were too overpriced. After all, it’s just two pieces of cloth sewn together, how hard could that be to do?? A quick phone call to my mother-in-law to ask and this passion took off! My mother-in-law gave me a sewing machine tutorial on her 40-year-old Kenmore sewing machine over Thanksgiving holiday and 10 camera strap covers later, I was addicted. Then when I went home to my parent’s house for Christmas, my mom gave me her barely used 35-year-old Singer sewing machine to take home! I hope to explain in pictures and words from beginning to end each new thing I create, such as aprons, bags, blankets, organizers, pillows, curtains, clothes, etc. etc. So the “In Stitches” section of this blog will be follow my journey in sewing creations!

sophie’s scoop on books.
Because my job requires me to travel around the world, and not all airplanes are equipped with power outlets or internet (yet), I found that reading books was the best way to fill my time. In my childhood, the only books I really read were ones I had to for school. Besides that, I’d always read magazines in my free time as opposed to books. My best friend, Sophie, on the other hand, is a hardcore book junkie, averaging a book a week! When I began my hunt for books to read, I did not know where to begin. Sophie suggested lists and lists of books for me, which I have still yet to complete It has been hard to keep track of all of them because there are just sooo many books out there that span all different genres. So the “Sophie’s Scoop on Books” section of this blog will include her book reviews!

favorites to follow.
This section will feature things I find on the web that I like and want to share with the world! That’s all! Oh yea, and it will always be posted on Fridays! If you see your blog/website featured here but would rather not be on here, please shoot me an email.

Self explanatory.

other categories…

I’ll start with that for now… and since my mind has always been sort of a wanderer, don’t be surprised if I add random posts about good online deals I found or lifestyle types of posts, or even if I add new hobbies like knitting, scrapbooking, card making, and underwater basket weaving! Again, I’m always open to suggestions on ways to improve so feel free to leave me some Comment love!