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I’m a married Taiwanese Midwesterner who has always loved drinking bubble tea, eating frozen yogurt, taking pictures, finding deals online, planning events, and traveling. I was born and raised in Ann Arbor, MI and am a die hard Wolverines fan (Go Blue)!  I’ve always been a left brain type of girl who liked science and math, but in the six months I had to plan my own wedding, my right brain was really put to work! In the midst of the planning, my creative abilities really started to blossom. And ever since I married my husband, Marvin, in May 2009, I’ve been filling my time on what was spent on wedding planning to finding things to continually grow and challenge my creative outlet. I work an 8 to 5 job as a Healthcare IT consultant at a company based in Kansas City, MO.  Currently, we have been relocated to Salt Lake City, UT and are enjoying the mountains here.  I have a toddler boy named Austin and a baby girl named Vivian, both are special in their own ways and light up my life (when not throwing tantrums)!

This blog was started in January 2010 and is still going strong!!  🙂  

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