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Thank you for your interest in sponsoring Sandy a la mode!

Sandy a la Mode is a personal style blog that focuses on fashion, recipes, photography, inspiration, parenthood and more.  If you’re interested in targeting young, stylish, adventurous women, sponsoring Sandy a la Mode might be a great fit for you!  The majority of my readers are from the United States, but there is also a good amount from Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and Singapore as well. My readers are mostly female and they vary from crafters, stay at home moms, photographers, designers, fashion bloggers, wedding bloggers, and lifestyle bloggers!  I always maintain a positive relationship with my blog readers by replying to their comments or emails in a prompt manner and commenting on their blogs as well. Sponsorship is a great way to promote your shop/business/blog to my lovely blog readers! As a sponsor, you will be a part of my wonderful community of readers and I will always help and promote your business as best as I can.  Feel free to email me anytime to discuss sponsorship opportunities or purchase an ad below!

Would you like to collaborate?
I would be happy to wear or use your products and post about them on my blog, as long as I feel that the item would reflect my personal style and be a fit for my readership.  I have 4 different packages and different price points for each:
1) Social media feature
2) Blog post inclusion/link back
3) Becoming a Partner
4) Sponsored post

If you are interested in either of these options and what to discuss rates, please don’t hesitate to contact me at sandyalamode@gmail.com.