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Last week, I shared an outfit and some of my favorites from Trend Addictions Women’s line, and this week I wanted to highlight their children’s line of items.  Like I said, this store seriously just calls to me.  Women, children, home stuff… 3 of my favorite things to shop for!  Austin is seen here with the Skip Hop Snack Bag Set from the kid’s line. He already has the Skip Hop Monkey backpack and suitcase, so these snack sets really complete his collection.  For the longest time, he was using those snack cups with lids, but when there are small crumbs in there, they tend to fall out the top.  These snack bag sets are awesome because they are deep for holding the snacks inside and Austin can practice his zipper skills.  He seriously is at the stage where he wants to do EVERYTHING himself, and it makes sense and he is learning about his independence and boundaries at this age.  So mastering the zipper, is just another thing in his book that he can accomplish on his own and feel proud of!  Now we officially stash these bags in our minivan… yes I am a minivan mama, did I tell you guys that yet?  Anyways, the small one always holds goldfish while the bigger one either holds veggie straws or a sandwich if we are planning to be out for awhile.



Their kid’s line has a variety of items that range from play toys, feeding items, bath time toys, storage, socks and more!  Here are some of my favorite items.  Aren’t they all so cute?  I swear anything made in mini size makes it automatically 10 times cuter.

Trend Addictions1

Like what you see?  Take 25% off your Trend Addictions order with code SANDY25!

Have a great weekend, friends!


As the weather gets colder, it’s been a bit of a struggle to find good indoor locations to shoot, but I found a flower nursery nearby called Cactus & Tropicals and it was perfect for our shoot.  Especially if I want to take pictures with baby Vivian, than indoors is best for an itty bitty babe so she doesn’t freeze outside!  Anyhow, I am OBSESSED, I MEAN OBSESSED, with this teal hat I picked up at Spark from Trolley Square when I went there the other day!  I have a tan, brown, burgundy, and grey hat… but I’ve wanted a teal one for the longest time.  I just am obsessed with teal right now and again, so happy I found this hat.  And now I wear it all the time, just you wait and see.  Anyways, so I’ve been back to work for a couple days now, and let me just say, I miss my baby girl sooo much!  I miss just lounging around, taking her pictures daily and just see her flashing her smile at me daily!  We are slowly finding a new norm for our family, but now I really feel like there are never enough hours in the day to do everything I want to do, and there’s a lot I want to do!  Austin has become a bit more needy and tantrum prone (people say 3 years old is worse than 2 years old… and he is not even 3 yet, eeks) and refuses to go to sleep on a timely manner at night.  So I literally start relaxing at 11PM each day… which again, doesn’t really leave me much time for anything fun!  :/











My outfit
Top: Ruche
Scarf c/o Riffraff (take 10% off your order with code SANDYALAMODE)
Boots: Sole Society
Hat: Spark from Trolley Square

Vivian’s outfit
Onesie: Wake Me Up Designs
Skirt: Hey Kid Boutique
Leggings: Snugars
Shoes: Sophie Kate Moccasins
Headband: Littlest Fierce Ones

Photo Credits: Roxana B Photography

Anyhow, if you are in the Salt Lake City area, I would highly recommend Roxana B Photography!  She is such a sweetheart, has the cutest preggo belly and I just feel at ease working with her (so does Vivian)!  Thanks lady for capturing these precious photos of me and my little lady!

If you have a little baby in your life, I’d love to introduce you to this new store I discovered called Baby Aspen!  This little online boutique is filled with the most adorable baby gifts such as hats, socks, bloomers, blankets, robes and they have personalized items as well.  Little Vivian’s favorite color is pink so of course she picked out this cute floral set for herself to wear. And who doesn’t love adding more flowers to their wardrobe, am I right?



I especially love it when there’s things on baby butts… or just shots of baby bottoms in general.  ANYHOW, Vivian and I are giving away this Baby in Bloom Flower Hat, Flower Bloomer and Sock Set to one lucky baby!  All you need to do is enter in the Rafflecopter widget below!



a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway ends on December 17, 2014 at 12:00AM MST! Good luck!

This post is sponsored by Coupons.com but all opinions expressed are my own.



Banner: Pearl & Jane | Headband: Knits and Bows Studio | Skirt: Sally Sarah Design | Collar: Sweet Peas and Mama Bees | Shoes: Baby Berty

Photo Credits: Roxana B Photography

I can’t believe it’s already December and I am back to work. Good thing about it though is that Christmas and New Years holidays are coming up, so I’ll get a little welcome break in a few weeks. This time of year is really the most wonderful time of year, but it also means the wallet is getting hit real hard. Every day, we are receiving packages and gifts on our doorstep from family and friends. And every evening, I am scouring the web trying to find the best deals and most suitable presents for my parents, siblings, niece, nephews, cousins, and all of my friends that decided to be pregnant around this time (yes, I am a sucker for sending baby gifts and what better time than to do it over the holidays)!  Oh and I think baby Vivian probably has enough clothes to last her through the next year, but I can’t help myself… baby girl stuff is just too cute, I think it’s hands down my favorite thing to shop for right now!  :/

I’ve not always been the best saver in the house, but I am working on it, and I have put together a few tips that I follow in helping to save some money during this holiday season where spending is inevitable.

1) Shop Major Sale Holidays

Well Black Friday and Green Monday (OK, I swear I just learned about this yesterday) have already passed but a lot of stores will still have discounts throughout the end of the year.  Make sure to be signed up for store’s email list so you can be the first to know about it. I love how Gmail splits up mail so that most of those emails go to the Promotions Inbox instead of your Primary one.

2) Enter Giveaways

There’s always a ton of blog giveaways out there and with the recent surge of Instagram loop giveaways, there’s more giveaways out there than you probably have time to enter. But let me tell you, over the past few weeks, during nursing sessions or just late at night when I am in bed, I enter enter enter giveaways. And I’ve won A LOT of them. I’ve gotten probably half of Vivian’s headband collection from giveaways and I’ve even gotten a few things that I will be gifting to family. I mean, not everyone is going to win, but if you do and you don’t necessarily need the item, it makes a perfect gift!  :)

3) Host a Secret Santa or White Elephant Exchange

If you have a group of friends that normally give gifts to each other, instead of having everyone buy a gift for everyone else, set up a gift exchange Secret Santa or White Elephant style.  A site I’ve used for Secret Santa is Elfster, they can assign name anonymously for you so not one person has to do the assigning and know who everyone else got!  Also, White Elephant gift exchanges are fun, where you pick gifts and can trade for previously opened gifts as well.

4) DIY /Bake Something

I wish I was more creative, but DIYing gifts is always so nice.  You can usually save since you are only buying materials or you may already have materials around your house for a gift. Like if you know how to knit and have some yarn, you  could knit up a baby sweater, a scarf, etc. for the cost of only a skein of yarn (and your labor)! Or even a photo gift like coasters or calendars are usually pretty affordable and is so personalized, all you need to do is upload your own pictures to the item!  Also, baking is another great thing to gift for the holidays, because who doesn’t love to munch on toffee or cookies during the holiday season? It’s pretty much expected everyone will gain 5-10 pounds over the holidays.

5) Use Deal or Cashback Websites

There’s websites out there like Coupons.com that pretty much do the work for you in finding you discounts and coupons. They have an extensive list of stores and you could really start your search there first to see if any of their stores carries the item you are looking for to gift.  Also, a site like Ebates.com where you can earn cash back on purchases is also a way to save since you will get the money back later.

coupons thegoodstuff

And lastly, Coupons.com is hosting The Good Stuff 2014 Holiday Sweepstakes right now!  They are also featuring 3 gift guides that are: 1) budget-friendly gifts 2) gifts for enthusiasts 3) hostess gifts.  The sweepstakes is for three $100 winners and one $500 grand prize winner!  You can’t win unless you enter, good luck!  Sweepstakes ends on Christmas Day!






Outfit Details:
Button Down: J.Crew
Sweater: Nordstrom {similar}
Leggings: ASOS
Boots: Hunter
Bag: Chanel
Necklace: Baublebar

Photo Credits: Roxana B Photography

I’ll be the first to admit that I absolutely LOVE the newborn stage, I never thought I would say this, but I do.  With my first child, I was stressed out, didn’t produce enough milk, always left him hungry and fussy.  No one in the house got very much sleep.  Therefore when I was pregnant with baby #2, I was scared, terrified of reliving the newborn stage again. BUT, with our baby girl, the newborn stage has been a dream. I don’t know if it’s because she is well fed and the happiest baby ever or because we have experience, but maybe a combination of both. 12 weeks has passed by with our baby girl and it’s back to work I go.  These first 6 weeks where I was on house arrest lockdown were difficult, yet awesome because I was catered to by my parents and husband as my body recovered. The next 5 weeks we were figuring out our new life as a family of four and even though we had some struggles, we got a system down that worked. And then this past week, my husband’s parents came to help us out and we are figuring out a new normal as I head back to work.

These past few weeks, the days went like this… wake up at 8AM to say goodbye to Austin, go back to sleep with Vivian until we wake up around 10AM and feed her. Eat a late breakfast, sit on the couch and watch Shark Tank, feed her again. Change her clothes and take her daily outfit pictures. Open the millions of packages that are left on my doorstep from Instagram giveaway wins, ALT Summit goodies and holiday gifts. Eat lunch, then get one task done out of my ever growing to-do list during Vivian’s afternoon nap. Maybe run an errand or two like returning packages at the post office or going for a Starbucks run. Then the boys come home, dinner is eaten, Vivian and Austin both get baths and bedtime routine ensues and doesn’t end until 10:30PM. Then it’s finally ME time, where I edit pictures and blog until 1AM??  But now, as I go back to work, there will be no sleeping in, no TV watching, no time for Vivian’s daily pictures.  But being a working mother is a choice that we’ve made for our financial sanity (we own two mortgages in Missouri and are currently renting our house in Utah) and because we think that sending our kids to daycare would be fun for them in terms of learning and playing with other kids (although Vivian will be watched by grandparents for a few months longer).

So bare with me as I find a new normal, this blog may have to take a backseat as family and work are always #1 and #2.  :)