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In this day and age, surprise boxes sent to your doorstep are all the rage right now, don’t you agree?  There’s boxes of surprise clothing, beauty products, products for your dog, must-haves, food, date night, there’s probably a service for almost anything right now, but of course, my favorite ones are the ones that send you clothes and jewelry and accessories.  🙂  I recently found out about a company called Golden Tote, started by two LA designers.  Basically, there is a two monthly sales that have fashionable and trendy items where you can pick 1-2 items that go in to your “tote” and they pick the rest so you’ll get a special surprise.  Aren’t surprises the best?  Here’s some of my faves from the current June sale (ends June 23)!

Golden Tote

There’s also an option of shopping current and past “tote” options as well if you are just interested in a specific piece.

Golden Tote1

But really, I think it’s totally worth your money to shop one of the two “tote” options.  There’s a cheaper option of $49 where you can pick 1 item and they send you 1 surprise item or the more expensive option where you get to pick 2 items and they send you an additional 4-5 items.

goldentote howitworks

Worried about not liking the other items? Well, they ask you to fill out a style profile with your size, style, stores you like to shop at so that the stylists can curate items just to fit your own personal style!

I just placed my Golden Tote order for June and I CAN’T WAIT to see what I get for the surprise items.  🙂  To be notified of the two monthly sales, sign up here.  All it requires is an email and password.  Let me know if you sign up and what you decide to order!  Maybe we can be twinsies!  😉  And again, the current sale ends on June 23, so hurry up and place your first Golden Tote order!