It’s been awhile since I’ve given y’all an Austin update so just thought I would.  Our little almost 2 and a half year old is a bundle of crazy, funny, hyper, sweet all in one.  His favorite activities ever are lining up his cars/trains, watching cars/mail trucks/garbage trucks out of the front door, dancing, singing, and doing puzzles.  He is pretty good at alphabet letter recognition (he’s been able to sing the ABCs for quite some time now) but needs some work.  Recently, Stuck On You sent me this Name Puzzle which made the perfect gift for Austin, who loves puzzles and is learning his alphabet!  I figure if he is going to know any letters, he sure as heck better know the letters in his own name, right??  He loves putting this thing together and taking it apart… over and over and over again!

Also, I’ve actually been doing a daily dose of Austin over on my personal Facebook page with some fun and random facts about his development and things he says and I thought I’d post some of my favorites over here as well, compiled over the last few months (in reverse chronological order).

1) The other morning when Austin was laying in our bed, he pulled off his socks like he always loves to do. He then proceeded to smell his (stinky) feet by pulling a foot up to his nose. I asked him what it smelled like and he said, “smells like candy”.

2) Lately, Austin has had a lot of midnight wakings due to his infections (we think), but the last two nights we told him to go to sleep the whole night in his bed and he listened. First thing he says to me after sleeping all night is “I slept all night, mama. Give me a high five”. I proceed to give him a high five and then ask for a second high five. In which he follows, “Too much high fives, Mama, just one.”

3) I call/scream/yell for Marvin by saying “Babe”. And now Austin calls his Daddy “Babe” too. The best is when he does it in the middle of Jason’s Deli when others can hear it. Too funny.

4) Soooo… one of the main reasons we go to Sam’s Club on the weekend is for the samples. We go around Austin’s lunch time so that he can get a free meal out of it. That’s the Asian side of us coming out. But now, Austin started calling Sam’s Club, “Samples Club”. Oops.

5) When I tell him I have a baby inside my belly, he touches his own belly and points to Marvin’s belly and says “baby”. Apparently we are having 3 babies…

6) Instead of “oh, shoot!” like his mama says, he says “oh, coconuts!”

Besides the tantrums and trouble with potty training we’re facing, this age really is super fun.  I am always looking forward to the next words that will be coming out of his little mouth!