4moms high chair

Vivian is at the age right now where mealtime is seriously hard (19 months). She is starting to show signs of being picky, she throws food sometimes, she doesn’t want to stay seated, there’s a whole ton of reasons that only her little mind could come up with and sometimes as a parent it’s just frustrating. Can’t we all just sit down together and have a nice family meal together?  Haha… right…?  If only things were that easy! But one thing that we’ve recently got to try out is the new 4moms high chair. Besides it looking pretty neat, there’s some awesome features to it that really do make things easier than many of our previous high chairs.

4moms high chair
4moms high chair

4moms high chair

Design and Function

This high chair currently comes in 3 different colors, white/green, white/grey and black/grey. I opted for the white/grey because besides those being some of my favorite colors, I just love the neutral look of it in our kitchen. I do tend to be super colorful in our outfit choices, but I am actually pretty conservative when it comes to furniture and home decor, some of the times anyways.

The step stool function is actually quite neat, especially for older babies who like to express their independence, which is totally my baby. When we first set up (actually I should say, when my husband first set up) the high chair and set it out for Vivian, she immediately got intrigued by the steps. She sat on them, climbed them, and was generally quite happy about it. I have found that at times though, I do wish the steps were a little wider and not so steep (or maybe a 3rd step in there?), but it’s something I definitely think that Vivian will learn and get used to and get better at as she gets older.

The straps are also simple to put on and Vivian loves to say “buckle buckle” once she gets in her seat. Cutest ever.

4moms magnetic tray high chair
Mealtime made easier with 4moms magnetic tray high chair

Unique Tray

Perhaps the most unique feature of the new 4moms high chair, is the magnetic tray. I’ve actually never seen anything like it out in the market and I have to say, it’s quite awesome. In our previous high chair, I honestly NEVER ONCE took off the tray of it because Marvin had always complained about how hard and inconvenient it was to take off. However, this tray is the easiest thing to work ever, even my 4 year old can do it. It literally snaps into place and stays there with magnets, has 3 positions you can pull it out to, and it doesn’t come off until you pull a latch in front (for the baby can not easily take it off).

To read more about the high chair and see it in action, visit here.


4moms and I have teamed up to give one lucky baby their very own new high chair ($299.99 value)! 🙂

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Good luck! Winner will not receive high chair until early May.