Weekly Recap + Bestsellers | December 2020 Week 3

Oh my gosh you guys, it’s officially CHRISTMAS WEEK! Can you believe it!? This month is flying!! We want to visit Santa the other day and he was in a snow globe so it was a socially distant Santa visit, although it was unconventional, it was perfect for this year of 2020!!

Sweater (S) // Jacket (S) // Leggings (M) // Shoes (TTS) // Bag // Earrings  // Necklace // Sunglasses

Sweater (M) // Jeans (6) // Boots (TTS) // Scarf // Beanie

Left Outfit: Top (S) // Pants (M) // Cardigan (S)
Middle Outfit: Top (S) // Jacket (M) // Jeans (29R) // Shoes (TTS)
Right Outfit: Sweater (S) // Jeans (29R) // Booties (Size up half)  // Scarf

Sweater (S) 
IT Cosmetic Products: Moisturizing Cream // Foundation // CC Cream // Lipstick

Coat (S) // Jeans (29R) // Boots (TTS) // Scarf // Beanie

Top (M) // Cardigan (S) // Jeans (8S) // Boots (TTS) // Purse// Beanie

Sweater (M) // Jeans (29R) // Shoes (TTS) 

Sweater (S) // Jeans (30R) // Booties (Size up half) 

Top (S) // Jeans (29R) // Boots (TTS) 

Sweatshirt (M) // Jeans (29R) // Boots (TTS) 

Sweatshirt (M) // Joggers (S) // Shoes (TTS) // Beanie

Top (S) // Jeans (29R) // Booties (TTS)

Sweater (S) // Jeans (8S) // Boots (TTS)

Left Outfit: Shirt (S) // Plaid Shirt Jacket (S) // Leggings (M) // Shoes (TTS)
Right Outfit: Plaid Button Down (M) // Sweater (L) // Leggings (M) // Boots (TTS) // Beanie

Left Outfit: Top (S) // Bottoms (M) // Slippers
Right Outfit: Top (S) // Bottoms (M) // Slippers


  1. Puff Sleeve Top – The perfect lightweight puff sleeve top!!!
  2. First Aid Ultra Repair Set – This lotion is REALLY moisturizing and great for excema prone skin. I use it on Vivian all over her body because she has really dry skin and I love it on my hands because they get really dry in the winter time.
  3. Puffer Coat – This $200 jacket got marked WAYYY down and is super warm! Love all the colors!!!
  4. Sweater Jacket – This buffalo check sweater cardigan keeps showing up in best sellers! It’s a good one!!!
  5. Lip Crayon Trio – I LOVE Bite Beauty lip sticks and this one is SUPER affordable for a set of 3!!
  6. Plaid Flannel – This is the perfect holiday plaid for a great price! So many ways to style it!!!
  7. Teddy Faux Fur Coat – This coat is just so gorgeous and a statement piece! Size down!!
  8. No Show Socks – These are the best no show socks to wear with sneakers!!
  9. Portable Charger – The best travel portable charger with all the cords attached!!!
  10. Colorblock Sweater – Love the colors in this sweater!!!

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