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Fashion bloggers spring style with PinkBlush crochet cardigans

Fashion bloggers spring style with PinkBlush crochet cardigans

Fashion bloggers spring style with PinkBlush crochet cardigans

Fashion bloggers spring style with PinkBlush crochet cardigans

Fashion bloggers spring style with PinkBlush crochet cardigans

I am so excited to finally share with you a 1 in 3 part Spring style collaboration outfit series with PinkBlush and PinkBlush Maternity.  I first discovered their store when I was pregnant with Vivian (their maternity store) and I was in love.  They had the cutest styles to flatter and fit my preggo belly. And then mid-way through my pregnant, they came out with their Women’s line and then I knew I would be a fan FOREVER!!

For our first look we all decided to style up a cardigan with crochet details. Some went more classy, some more bold, some more trendy, I am loving all our looks together!  And if you don’t know my friends, Autumn of Autumn Klair is having a baby boy in just a few short weeks!  She styled up this cardigan which is actually from the Women’s line, you see that preggo ladies, you don’t always have to stick to maternity clothes, you can make non-maternity clothes work too!  And then my girl Cecilia of Dearest Lou wore her cardigan belted over a dress, love that so much!  I decided to wear my cardigan with a floral top underneath and some fun colored heels.  And lastly, Fatima of Lesdedrickson is also due at the end of the month with a baby girl and she wore a pretty floral cardigan over her super cute bump.

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Sandy a la Mode / Mommy and baby girl headband

Sandy a la Mode / Mommy and baby girl fashion

Sandy a la Mode / Mommy and baby girl fashion

Sandy a la Mode / Mommy and baby girl fashionThat face. I can’t even handle it.  This girl is all smiles every where we go.  I can make her laugh by tickling her thighs or toes or playing peekaboo. She is the best. But starting recently she got an ear infection and went through one round of antibiotics and unfortunately she is on round two with a stronger med. I took her in to the doctor today and she was just calm and happy as can be when the doctor was poking and prodding in her ears, they said that they’ve never seen a little baby like her NOT make a fuss. She’s a dream and a doll. And she is still itty bitty weighing in at 13 pounds when average for her age is 16 pounds.  I want her to stay little, I love that she is little, she is my little sweet pea  In one month she will start daycare and my heart breaks at the thought of that. Sometimes I wish I could stay home with her as she will likely be my last little baby, but I also know that I like being able to help provide for the family and my career is important to me as well. The struggle of a full time working mom / blogger is a real one, but I just take it a task at a time, what else can you do?

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This mama and daughter outfit is all about graphic tees and fun prints! Oh and matching sunglasses too. Seriously, baby sunglasses are the CUTEST THING EVER. It’s right up there with baby giggles, rolls and bums. I know that sometimes I tend to go overboard with my pattern/print mixing, but there’s no going overboard with a baby. ;)

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Hey friends!! The Freckled Fox, myself and a bunch of other fabulous bloggers are giving away a Canon Rebel T5i, to show our appreciation to you!!  :)

It’s an amazing feeling to send off such an amazing camera to one of you guys, knowing what a massive difference it will make for your blog or shop, or just every-day photography in general:) Even better than that though, is introducing so many of you to this group of such lovely shops, and such hard-working and inspiring woman!

 The Freckled Fox  | Sandy A La Mode |  The Lovebug Collection |  Oddly Lovely

Anna in Wonderland   |  Treelined Avenue   |   The Trish List  |   Fizz & Frosting

Dressing Dallas      |     Emma Cristy      |     Hello Rigby     |     Dottie Box

All of Life’s Little Adventures   |  Missy Sue   |   Helene In Between  |  Cassidy Lou

Afternoon Espresso   |   Poverty Luxe   |   Uncustomary Art   |   East Willow Grove


So settle in with a favorite beverage or snack and don’t miss out on any of the many entries! You never know which one could be the winning pick!! Here we go:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


A couple specs about the giveaway:

- the giveaway will run for ten days after which the winner will be selected at random, contacted, and announced via this post, the post of the day, and all social media outlets! Please check all those places before asking weeks later who won? :)

- Again this is open internationally! hooray!

The winner will receive the Canon Rebel T5i in a kit with an 18-135mm lens, a battery and a battery charger, camera case, tripod, SD card, lens cleaner, and lens hood:) 

- Winner’s entry will be verified before the public announcement.


And that’s it! Good luck, friends!!!

Sandy a la Mode / Kid to Kid Shopping

Sandy a la Mode / Kid to Kid Dresses

Sandy a la Mode / Kid to Kid Toys

My little girl is already 6 months old and has gone through 3 different clothing sizes.  It’s always so sad that they grow up so fast and can only wear their cute clothes for a few months at a time.  My husband keeps telling me to stop buying clothes for the kids, but I just CAN’T HELP IT.  I honestly love shopping for my kid’s clothes more than my own clothes, and you know I love shopping for my own clothes so that says a lot!  Same goes for toys, feeding items, shoes, etc., they just grow out of things so fast and are always moving on to the next thing.  This is where stores like Kid to Kid can be your new favorite place to buy items that others have already finished using for a steal — and to sell your used items as well.  They’ve got so many different things for kids, like clothes, shoes, toys, stickers, headbands, and even big ticket items like cribs and strollers as well.  Make sure to read on for a GIVEAWAY!

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