My Baby #1 Pregnancy By Week Recap

I loved that my first pregnancy coincided with having this blog.  It’s been a pleasure sharing my bump outfit pictures with you as well as what’s been going on with my body through the 40+ weeks carrying my Baby #1 (not sure how many more will follow at this point, but will keep you posted, HA).  Even cooler are those charts out there where you can track your bumps’ size by fruits and veggies, the one I used was from The Bump.  You guys have always been so encouraging, sweet, and helpful with your kind comments throughout it all.  I can honestly say that I kind of miss my bump already, especially since my belly is like a slab of dough with stretch marks all over it… but having my baby on the outside is truly amazing.

And because I love lists… here are some things I am excited to be able to eat/drink again:

- raw salmon sashimi (or any raw sushi for that matter)
- crackers with brie cheese, goat cheese, feta cheese… all of the cheeses i couldn’t have
- sangria (and other mixed drinks)
- Quizno’s sandwiches (since some had deli meat)
- medium rare steak
- cookie dough (made with eggs)
- sunny side up eggs (where the eggs are runny)
- diet wild cherry Pepsi

P.S. Remember when I had you guys Guess My Due Date and I said I’d send a prize to those who guess the correct date?  Well, Jenni Austria Germany was the only one who guessed it right (Dec 28)!  So girl, send me an email at sandyalamode(at)gmail(dot)com and I’ll mail you a little something when I get the chance!  :)

P.P.S.  The winner of the Salvaged Strawberry $25 credit giveaway is Kayla from Love Sparkle Pretty!  Congrats girl!  Send me an email at sandyalamode(at)gmail(dot)com to claim your prize!

Which weeks bump outfit is your fave?

What foods did you miss the most when you were pregnant?

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  1. Week 34 is my favorite. I love how fashionable you were throughout your pregnancy.

    I haven’t had a baby yet, but I am going to miss all of the things on your list when I do.

  2. I wish I did this throughout my pregnancy, but I guess I lacked appreciation of being pregnant back in the day. I regret not taking any pictures. I guess if and when I get pregnant with my second child I’ll know better. It’s awesome seeing charts liek this! you look absolutely gorgeous!

  3. Awe, it’s so cool to see the progress of your bump! I think my favorite outfit is the last one ;).

    Happy midweek Sandy + family!


  4. It’s so much fun to look back, isn’t it? I was so excited to be able to eat certain foods again…the first date my husband and I had, I order a delicious medium steak…mmmm!

  5. You styled that bump so well! I love seeing how your belly grows and great job documenting everything on the blog. I’m definitely missing sushi the most right now while I’m pregnant!

  6. You are so cute :) I love that you were dedicated enough to take pictures every (or most) week! Maybe I will do that when I have another one. I mean, probably not since it will be my third, but maybe! :)

  7. That is just the cutest thing and seriously not helping my baby fever! I’m so ready to be preggo again!
    Love all the fruit comparisons, I remember your post when he was the size of a mango…that was my fav!

  8. I love that I discovered your blog when I did. Now that I’m pregnant I love seeing other blogs go through the same thing I am. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. :)

  9. You’re so cute in all the photos! I’m so happy for you! And I would die not eating some of those foods! LOL. Good thing I’m not pregnant!

  10. Were the eggs just an aversion? Totally ate eggs the whole time sunny side up! Yum! I think only the whites of eggs are dangerous when raw… And medium rare stake… Ate that too! And all those cheeses! (pasteurized of course)

  11. Love the compilation of bump pictures! They are just so sweet and you look lovely in them. I had gestational diabetes so I missed so many things like rice, pasta, pop, etc!

  12. Congratulations, i had not visited in a few weeks and now your little bundle of joy is here. I wish I dressed as well as you or Yvonne at SimplyYvonne. You ladies looked all cute when prenant.

    I missed sushi most because i used to be such a hardcore sushi fan. Thought i would die from not being to eat any. Strange enough, I no longer wanted sushi ever again after that.

  13. Isn’t it so nice to be able to make a virtual scrapbook?! I hope whenever I get pregnant this yr or next yr, I will be blogging more so I can capture the moments like you’re doing. You’re such a cute and fashionable preggi mama, btw!

  14. Sandy it has been many years since I was pregnant with my children. I CAN tell you I never looked as fashionable as you do in these images!

    Art by Karena

  15. Awww, so cute that you have a history of your pregnancy to remember it by.

    I like the dresses in 24 and 24…but I’m a sucker for a good dress, so I’m biased.

  16. And you were such an adorable pregnant lady too! Thanks for sharing it with us, and enjoy those runny eggs and yummy cheeses!

  17. loved this little bump collection… and so sad to see that when you’re pregnant you can eat brie cheese? oh dear… i may never be pregnant! ;)

  18. I loove runny eggs! That was the only thing I missed when pregnant. Haha. You were so good about taking weekly photos! I couldn’t even keep up with my bi-weekly ones. ;)

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