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My little coffee date

posted: 10.13.14 | 13 comments

Ever since we brought the little lady back home and because I can’t stop taking pictures of her, now Austin has this sudden surge of wanting to be in photos as well!  I’d kind of been slacking on toddler boy fashion lately (well mostly because Austin would only wear one pair of shoes ever and [...]

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Pops of Pink

posted: 07.17.14 | 20 comments

When I put together an outfit full of neutrals (yes, leopard is neutral too), there’s nothing more I love than adding pops of color to the outfit just to mix things up.  And hot pink is currently my favorite “pop” of the season (in my nails and necklace)!  I’ve always thought as red as a [...]

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Layers and Colored Bottoms

posted: 01.27.14 | 7 comments

It’s kind of insane the number of times the weather goes from 50 degrees one day, to 5 degrees the next day. Thank goodness though that the warm weather has usually graced us with its presence on the weekends, that’s the best time!  But for me, the best thing to wear when the temps fluctuate [...]

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Faux Fur and Pretty Sweaters

posted: 12.17.13 | 20 comments

When I first saw this coat on one of my fave fashion bloggers, Pink Peonies, I knew I wanted it.  This coat is super chic with tweed, leather and faux fur all in one.  When I found it was from Forever 21 and wouldn’t break the bank, I was instantly sold!  And… I can’t stop [...]

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Chambray on Denim

posted: 08.26.13 | 24 comments

I don’t know what it is, but on days that I don’t have a lot of time in the morning to think about what to wear for the day, I start with one of my many chambray button down tops (I think I have like 5??).  Usually I pair it with a pattern on the [...]

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