top: francesca’s | jeans: c/o lee jeans| shoes: asics

I am participating in the “My Life in Lee” blogger contest where bloggers from all over the country submit unique and creative interpretations of the life they lead in Lee Jeans products.  Sporting the Slender Secret Dixie Barely Bootcut Jean, I decided to show off my sweet white, pink and grey cruiser bike in my jeans.  Might I add that the jeans are super soft and a perfect fit around my legs.  You can’t see it, but I of course had to wear my belly band since the prego belly is a little bit large and in charge.  🙂

If you aren’t familiar with this contest, there is a similar one going on right now on Facebook for non-bloggers where you can actually vote on your favorite entry!  And the winner wins a trip to NYC.  Same thing for the blogger contest, the winner also wins a trip to NYC, how cool is that?  So here’s where you come in, I need some advice on which picture to submit for the contest.  So out of the following three photos (just tell me 1, 2 or 3), which one should I submit?  Whichever one you guys decide, I’ll probably make a few photoshop edits of and decide which one I like best.

{1} cruiser wheel close up

{2} cruiser wheel

{3} full cruiser

So which photo do you think I should submit?

Thanks in advance for your help friends!  🙂  I’d LOVE to win a trip to NYC for some baby clothes shopping and great food!