Tomorrow’s my due date but baby is still warm and cozy in my belly! 🙂


Waddup guys! I’m Leonora over at Yellow Heart Art! I’m a graphic designer by day and a super hero by night (ok, thats a lie) (or is it?) (maybe I just need to keep my identity hidden for the sake of justice) (guess you’ll never know now, huh?)  I make pretty things all day over here & I ramble on and on and on about life over here.  Let’s get to know one another better, shall we? (bee tee dubs who invented the word “Shall” anyway? It’s like that word that you say 3 times in a row and it looses all meaning…go on, try it. I’ll wait.) (see it was weird, right?) (ok, moving on) (sandy, do you regret asking me to guest post for ya yet?)

Well, some random info about me is that I tend to never let food fully finish “cooling off” before I dive into it, so I am always burning my mouth. (what? I like to eat) I own so many hair accessories I could wear a new headband every day for a year (I am not proud of this fact by the way, but it is a fact none-the-less) I am pretty sure Jim Halpert and I are meant to be besties for life and whenever I pluck my eyebrows I always sneeze (tell me this happens to you too)When Sandy asked me to guest post for her while she is busy giving birth to pint sized a la mode I was so thrilled because I knew EXACTLY what I wanted to blog about!(Let me set the scene) Ok so check it–it’s the holidays. The in-laws are staying at your place (again). You’ve asked the hubs for, like, the 10th time to set up the table for dessert (it seems like time #10 is always the magical number to get men to do something) but he’s too busy shaking all the gifts and peeling back the paper to see what it is he got for christmas (yes ladies, men don’t grow up, they just get bigger)In a panic you realize that nit picky mother in law is going to rip apart your sad little white frosted cupcakes.Do you freak out? No. Do you start to sweat a little? No. Do you start to have heart palpitations? Maybe.But what do you do? You run into the office, sign on to, go to this post, right click on my printable below, save it to your desk top, print it, cut out the flags, fold them in half around a tooth pick, glue together and stab into your plain white cupcakes.

BAM. Christmas is the bomb dot com all thanks to you (and me) (see, I am a super hero)

Also? Your cupcakes will thank you as well.

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Thank you so much Sandy for letting me be a part of your little home in cyber space! Good luck with mini a la mode!! <3