Top: Fossil | Skirt: Target | Belt: Forever 21 | Flats: Piperlime | Hairclip: Missoni for Target | Necklace: Emerg(in) Store

Floral flats are a MUST HAVE this season.  I probably wore mine every other day for the past few weeks, no joke.  It’s the perfect little thing to spruce up a rather plain outfit or just to get some patterns in your wardrobe.  I totally want to get these, these, and these as well, but I’ll hold myself back for now I suppose.  And my new favorite top?  You are looking at it, it’s lace and mint, perfection.

  Oh by the way, I totally got a hair cut last week but have so many outfit pictures taken from awhile ago that I can’t show you my new hairs yet.  My bangs were getting way long and the ends of my hair were split, dying, and fried.  But I actually really liked my long wavy hair, I got my perm December 2010 in Koreatown of Los Angeles and it’s lasted this long!  It was nice though because permed hair meant I could jump out of the shower and let my hair air dry and I did not have to do a thing to it.  I also never brushed my hair, ever.  It wasn’t until I started brushing my hair recently that I realized how much hair I was losing post partum.  Clumps, I tell you, EVERY TIME I brush or run my fingers through my hair, at least 15 strands of hair come out.  You don’t even want to see the shower floor.  How come no one warned me about this part of being a Mommy?

The winner of the Rouge & Whimsy $30 credit giveaway is Stacey of The Other Pocket!  Congrats girl!  Send me an email at sandyalamode(at)gmail(dot)com and I’ll get you in touch with Erika!