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Squee!  Hello friends!  Today I am SUPER excited to bring you all a SHOE GIVEAWAY from a shoe company that makes some of the most comfortable pumps around.  CHROMATIC gallerie is a relatively new company but is quickly building a ton of happy customers, including some celebrities.  The idea behind CHROMATIC Gallerie is to provide a pump in the color, material, height and width of your choosing.  The shoes comes in suede, leather, faux fur and in every color of the rainbow!  No more bunions on your feet from the sides digging in and no more pain because of the super comfy cushioned insoles.  Seriously girls, these shoes are perfect for work, going out on a date, hanging out with friends and more.  If you are more of a kitten heel kind of girl because you are always on your feet, the 2 inch option is perfect.  For me, a 3 inch heel is perfect because it’s not too short and won’t make me taller than my husband.  Soon, there will be a 4 inch option as well.  And every single pair of pumps only costs $88!  Well enough raving about the shoes… let’s get to know the company a little bit better and don’t forget to enter the giveaway below!


1) Tell us a little bit about the company and how it got started.
CHROMATIC gallerie was created because of my frustration with not ever finding great-fitting, affordable shoes, in the color I wanted. We make shoes that are colorful (26 colors so far), comfortable, and affordable ($88 a pair). We give women the option to express themselves without sacrificing comfort, style, or color options. Our shoes feel better because they fit better. Each pair includes extra padding in the insole, arch support, rubber soles to prevent slipping, and a sturdy heel! We want our customers to have their own shoe adventure!

2) I realize that your company just opened up a few months ago! What new colors/patterns/materials/heel heights do you plan on introducing in the near future?
In a month we will be offering our 4 inch heels! We are really excited about these and there has been a lot of buzz around the 4 inch heels. We also plan to offer flats and wedges. As far as color is concerned, we are always thinking of different colors for our shoes and are open to customers input on what colors they want to see!

3) Which celebrities have you spotted wearing your shoes?
Zooey Deschanel. She has been spotted wearing our shes a lot! Here is a link about it on glamour.com.

4) What have others said about your shoes?
We have a lot of press from different sources, see below. But so far, we have received amazing feedback. The woman on the go loves our shoes as she can go from day to night with ease.


Win a pair of shoes from CHROMATIC Gallerie!  Shoe color, material, height and width are the winner’s choice!

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