Dress c/o eShakti | Shoes: Zara | Bag: Chanel | Necklace: Francesca’s | Bracelets: Threads | Ring c/o Nyopoly

Too put it loosely, I get a power trip out of negotiating or bargaining or bartering, whatever you want to call it.  I’m a a huge sucker for a great deal and when I can make the price go lower than I ever thought imaginable, even better.  It was really the night market streets of Taiwan and the Chinatown streets of New York where I got my best practice on knock-off designer handbags.  One of my best friends and I had a tactic down where we’d give our best price, wait to hear the merchant’s price, then say another store sold it for cheaper, started to walk away, and usually they’d go down in price even more.  There’s a few other techniques, but I shouldn’t give away ALL my secrets.  😉  Anyhow, the black and yellow Swarovski crystal ring I’m wearing in this post was purchased through Nyopoly, a fashionable shopping site where you can basically name your price on any item you like!  If your offer gets reject (is too low), you have two more chances to name a bit of a higher price before the offer is rejected entirely.  The ring’s retail was $85 and I put in a price of $40 and it was immediately accepted… that being said, I kind of wish I started A LOT lower and had a few chances to negotiate haha.  But now I know that for next time… and so do you!  😉  I guess I’m a little out of negotiating practice. Nyopoly has a ton of fashionable products like handbags, watches, jewelry, sunglasses and some notable brands like Armani, BCBG, Calvin Klein and more!  It’s always exciting to see what new products they get in and it’s so cool that you get to name your own price and really pay for what you feel like an item is worth~!

When I received this dress from eShakti, I totally let out a squeal of joy.  This dress is absolutely gorgeous and reminds me of the Kate Spade dress I never could afford.  The dress fit me very well (as I was able to ensure they had my exact measurements), I got to choose the style of the neckline, sleeves and the length of the dress as well and I don’t think it could have turned out more perfect.  Apparently I’m obsessed with customizing my own clothes lately, it must be the new wave of fashion, and I am loving it.

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The winner of the Stella and Dot trunk show jewelry giveaway is Carolyn!  Thanks so much for your purchase — the free arrow bracelet will be mailed to you soon!  By the way, have you guys checked out the new Stella and Dot Summer line that just came out?  They’ve got some more amazing jewelry that you won’t want to miss out on!!

What are your thoughts on negotiating your own price and customizing your own clothingIs this the new wave of shopping?