Have y’all heard of Birdling Bags before?  Well if you are looking for a weekender/overnight/all round travel bag, then they have the bags for you.  They’ve got bags in a couple of colors, ones that are gorgeous and would “go” with a lot.  And the space, seriously, when I received the bag, I was shocked at the size of it and the cool part is that the inside is compartmentalized (which is great for separating adult clothes, kid’s clothes, kid’s stuff like diapers and sippy cups, etc.).  We haven’t gone on a family trip yet since the baby is still pretty teeny tiny but I can’t wait to bring this bag with us on our next hiking adventure… or more like ski trip adventure (I’m thinking a ski trip in Park City once it snows?).

I’d like to give a special shoutout to this necklace, TAudreyis a shop I found via Instagram… been finding a lot of shops that way lately, and I just love all of their customized jewelry pieces.  They’ve got some chunky ones like the one I’m wearing and a lot of cute little dainty pieces as well.  And these booties?  I honestly have other pairs in this color, but the detail on it, in LOVE!








Outfit Details:

Top c/o Lilac Clothing
Skirt: J.Crew
Boots: Pree Brulee
Bag c/o Birdling Bags (last few days to get a special price on this color!)
Necklace: TAudrey