My outfit:
Tee: Ezra and Eli
Cardigan: Sage by Olivia Wares
Bag: Prada
Pants: Forever 21
Shoes: GAP

Little Girl’s outfit:
Cardigan: Babies R Us
Leggings: June Park
Shoes: Joe Fresh
Headband: As Darling Does

Yes your eyes are seeing double.  Little lady and I are wearing matching/coordinating outfits. 😉  Black with gold/tan hearts, I am in love.  I picked up this cardigan at the opening of Sage by Olivia Wares in downtown SLC, if you are in the area, you must check it out!  They have some super cute clothes and accessories.

Right now, I feel like I have the best job(s) ever.  I am able to focus on being a mama of two as well as a blogger.  But the reality of it all, is that financially, I do need to go back to my day job in about 5.5 weeks and I have mixed feelings about it!  I love staying at home and cuddling with my baby girl all day every day.  Even when she can be fussy sometimes (it’s been rare), I love trying to figure out how to calm her down.  Austin is a bundle of energy but when he gets enough sleep, he is the best and funniest little guy ever.  It saddens me a bit that I feel like blogging as dying a bit, as other social media sites pick up such as Instagram, but I am trying to hold down the blogging fort and keep on going.  I know my pageviews and comments are going down as our attention spans are getting smaller and smaller (I am culprit to this too), but I love being able to share more pictures and pour my heart out over here and be able to document life more!  So thank you for all of you who continue to follow and read my blog!  🙂  If you are reading this, can you leave a comment for me so I know, even if it’s a quick hello!  I kind of miss seeing all your lovely comments over here… :/