Dear Vivian: Two Months

Vivian 2 Month

Dear Vivian,

On November 15, 2014, you turned 2 month old! Today is your first Thanksgiving and I wanted to dedicate this post to you, because I am soo soo thankful that you decided to join us!  This whole second month of your life, we survived and made it as a family of four.  At your 2 month check up, you weighed in at 9 pounds!  And I am proud to say you are exclusively breastfed, this was one of my goals for us, and we did it!  🙂  Each weekday morning, your brother comes charging into the room where we are sleeping and climbs on to the bed.  He puts his face up real close to yours and talks really loud, and sometimes you wake up and sometimes you don’t.  We like to sleep in together until mid-morning before we wake up and the first thing you do when you wake up is give me a face full of smiles and coos and I love it.  Then we have our breakfast.  Every day, you get changed into a cute little outfit that Mommy likes to dress you up in (I don’t know how many times you’ve been called a doll in pictures and in real life, but it’s a lot).  We take some pictures, feed, watch TV, and you love to sleep.  The daytime goes by way too fast and then your brother and Daddy come home.  We eat dinner, you get a bath, and then go down for bedtime.  And you only wake up about once a night to eat!  You’ve been battling a stuffy nose for awhile now and we really hope it gets better because sometimes it wakes you up and bothers you.  It breaks my heart but again, we hope you get better soon!  I am just soo grateful for you, my little girl, my dream come true.  I can’t wait to show you the world and for you to meet your other set of grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins too!  Thank you for coming into our lives and being such a happy little girl!


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  1. jillian
    November 30, 2014 / 7:21 am

    she is beautiful sandy!! 🙂

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