This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Nutrimom for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.
Personal Nutrition Coaching with Nutrimom

Not long ago, I signed up with a personal nutrition coaching program called Nutrimom. The Nutrimom program is brand new program for moms and moms-to-be whose mission is to help them make informed choices about nutrition and wellness during the first 1,000 days of their baby’s life. Research in the emerging science of Early Life Nutrition suggests that the majority of a baby’s lifelong wellness can be positively shaped by nutrition and environment provided in the first 1,000 days. The program is designed to provide support for moms via desktop or mobile experience.

Nutrimom coaching

In my first consultation with my Nutrimom coach Annie, who is a registered dietician and mom like myself, I gave her an overview of my lifestyle, eating habits, sleep and workout schedule. Talking out my daily schedule really put into perspective how busy I have made my life. So busy that things like nutrition and sleep sometimes don’t get a lot of attention, but Annie was committed to helping me figure out some small steps to take to improve my health. I liked that she wanted to stay realistic about the changes I make, because obviously drastic changes would probably not work for me. One thing that Annie wanted me to do was to track what I was eating throughout the day by taking pictures and sending them to her through the app as well we what my kids eat too. I know that we as a family don’t always make the healthiest of food and drink choices, but it’s something my husband and I know we should make that a lifestyle change. But also as an immediate step, we said that each day I would try and limit myself to 1 sugary drink a day only (although ideally it should probably be 0) and to drink more water or even make more fruit infused water (if I didn’t want to just drink water all day). This is my goal until the next time we meet and I will try hard to stick to it!

How does Nutrimom work

Nutrition for new moms

Nutrimom coaching for nutrition

Personal Nutrition Coaching with Nutrimom

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Annie also said that she would send me some articles to read in my spare time. I honestly wish I had found out about Nutrimom sooner because feeding both my babies was always a struggle (just making sure I was either producing enough milk or that I was providing them with enough food) and really just having someone there for support is probably the thing that I needed the most. For moms-to-be, I know that they generally love reading up a lot about what to expect with a baby, so having a coach to help out and share their experiences as well as use all of the guides on the site would be a great resource. And then for new moms, there’s just so many things going on that having a one-stop place to go to for nutrition coaching, whether it’s reading the material or meeting with a personal coach, is so beneficial and valuable.

I am trying out the program for a few months so will be blogging about my experiences here, so check back in a few weeks for an update! For those interested in signing up, you can view all the different subscription plans here.

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