As I sit here listening to Christmas music on Pandora, I’m really in awe that the holidays are essentially here. Don’t get me wrong, it is one of my most favorite times of the year, the family, the hot cocoa, the holidays, the time off work, the giving of gifts, the reconnecting with old friends, all of it! And with this time of year comes the time where holiday cards are selected and sent off to family and friends and one place that has a huge and amazing selection is Minted.

I don’t know how many of you like to plan ahead, but I am totally a PLANNER. Sometimes I don’t always get things done on time (and I’m always late to things), but hey, I try my best and that’s what counts right? In terms of holiday cards, I like to be on top of things and have them sent out around the first week of December. How about you? And thanks for Minted and their friendly emails, they haven’t let me forget that I need to start designing my cards ASAP to get them out in time! And they keep running deals, like on foil-pressed cards, that I just can’t pass up! But seriously, my eye keeps being drawn to ALL the FOIL, ALL THE ROSE GOLD (OR GOLD), I am literally obsessed. 

So anyways, I did a little browsing and I just wanted to share some of my favorite 2016 holiday cards with you all. And if you’d like, I’d love some help in deciding which card we should use for our holiday cards, I’d love to know which ones are your favorites? 

Minted Complete Tree Holiday Card

Complete Tree

Minted Winter Botanicals Holiday Cards

Winter Botanicals

Minted Most Elegant Wreath

Most Elegant Wreath

Minted Abstract Winter Holiday Card

Abstract Winter


Merry Sparkle 


Cheers Surrounded

Minted Timeless Greeting

Timeless Greeting

Minted Holiday Card Round Up

Painted Foliage 

Minted Watercolor Winter Holiday Cards

Watercolor Winter

Minted Holiday Card Round Up

It Really Is A Wonderful Life

Minted Holiday Card Round Up

Winter Window

 One of the coolest features of Minted that I found while browsing their site was their Find It Fast feature. So, basically I had uploaded some family photos that I wanted to use on our cards and as you scroll through the holiday card selection, you can see a preview of how your pictures would look on each card! I think that’s such a smart thing to do because you can really see how your pictures compare up to the actual card style and colors.


OK really, I want to know which card is your favorite – or maybe there are some others on Minted that you like better!


And just for Sandy a la Mode readers, I have teamed up with Minted to give away THREE $100 credits to Minted!

All you have to is CLICK HERE to enter! Trust me, requirements are SUPER easy!

 Also, they are running a sale on Holiday cards going on now until November 22nd; where you will receive 15% off orders of 150+ and 10% off order of 100+.