Today is the last day of Target’s Spring Deal Days and I truly think they saved the best for last!!! 25% off shoes for the ENTIRE FAMILY for 1 day only!!! With their prices already being so good, this is the time to stock up on Spring sandals, wedges and any new shoes you may need!! Below is a roundup of all my fave current shoes for Women (styled on me)!

Top (S)  //  Skirt (S)  //  Shoes (Size up half size)  //  Hat

Top (S-Regular)  //  Jeans (8S)  //  Shoes (TTS) 

Dress (S)  //  Denim Jacket (S)  //  Shoes (TTS)  //  Bag  //  Necklace

Shirt (S)  //  Denim Jacket (S)  //  Jeans (8)  //  Shoes (Size up half a size)  //  Sunglasses

Jumpsuit (M)  //  Denim Jacket (S)  //  Sandals (Mine is Steven, but Target has dupe, size up half a size)  //  Bag 

Top (S)  //  Jeans (8S)  //  Shoes (Size down half a size)  //  Purse  //  Earrings

Top (S)  //  Jeans (8S)  //  Sandals (Size down half size)

Top (S)  //  Jeans (8S)  //  Sandals (TTS)

Top (S)  //  Jeans (8S)  //  Shoes (Size up half size)

Sweater (M) // Mom Jeans (29R, size up) // Mules (size up half size)

 Tank and Cardigan // Shoes (Size up half size)

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