My first gift guide of 2019 is FINALLY HERE! I wanted to be super intentional with my guides this year and get very specific, especially for Women!! This one is all about PRACTICAL GIFTS for Women that you can’t go wrong with and will make HER life that much easier! Many of these are items I swear by on the daily or weekly and some others that have great reviews that I am debating on purchasing for myself! A lot of these would even work for Men too!

  1. Makeup Organizer – This is one of my favorite makeup organizers that I use at home and for travel. You can adjust the compartments and there are different color options! I usually put my brushes together, compacts together, lipsticks together, etc.! This is a great gift for any women honestly!!
  2. Makeup Remover – Just add water and wash off your makeup! I swear by these clothes every evening before my nighttime skincare routine.
  3. Seat Gap Filler – I actually just ordered these because lately for some reason, food, papers, sunglasses, everything just fall into that little gap between the seat and middle console! These have AMAZING reviews so I thought it would be worth a shot!
  4. Bracelet Key Ring – This is a game changer for your keys! It’s great to put the bracelet on when going for daycare pickup, running errands, and it makes it easier to find keys in your bag!!
  5. Painless Hair Remover – This is a highly rated little device that I use for my mustache and hairs on my face! Just rub in circular motions to remove hair, and it’s painless!! This totally beats the bleach I used to use!!
  6. Billie Razor – For $9, you get the best razors with the closest shave. It even comes with a magnetic holder for your shower! These have been all the rage this year!!!
  7. Car Phone Mount – Another great option here. Hands free driving is a must! I mount mine up so I can use my phone as a GPS!
  8. Tile Keychain – For those of you who chronically lose something (for me, it’s my keys, for my mom, it’s her sunglasses case), this little device does wonders in helping you locate commonly misplaced items to help get your life back in order!!
  9. Travel Steamer – I’ve traded out using an iron for steaming my clothes all the way! I even converted my Dad over to steaming (as he used to always iron my clothes growing up HA)! Perfect for getting our wrinkles and great to bring with on travels too!
  10. Jewelry Organizer – I love accessorizing my outfits and when I travel, I like to have OPTIONS! Don’t you!? This organizer is perfect for storing necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings and more!!
  11. Water Flosser – My story is this, I used to always get cavities because I am a horrible flosser. A water flosser is a million times more convenient for me and I swear by mine!! Last dentist visit, my teeth were all good!!
  12. Fabric De-Fuzzer – Want your clothes to last longer? You know those certain pieces that pill and fuzz but you don’t want to throw them out!? This device has AMAZING reviews and I just got it, but I can’t wait to use it!! I’ve heard great things!!
  13. Pen Keychain – Another simple, but great little tool. I always NEVER have a pen with me at the most inconvenient times, so perfect to have it on my keychain when I am out and about!!
  14. External Battery Charger – These are LIFE and probably do not need explaining. But I seriously could use an external battery charger in every purse just like I store my lip glosses in every purse ha!!
  15. Amazon Echo – There’s a ton of different “Alexa” devices out there and I just think you need at least one of them in your house. We have the Amazon Echo Show and we all love it. We use it daily to get the weather, sports scores, play music, set timers and ask it questions!!