What To Wear For A Disney Trip: Outfits For The Entire Family

At the end of February, we took a family trip to Disneyland and we had a BLAST!!! One of my favorite parts about going was the packing and coordinating family Disney outfits ahead of time!! For this trip, I went with an outfit that matched the castle with pastels and then a more traditional black/white/red family outfit!!  There are a lot of places to get affordable Disney and Mickey type shirts so I’ve rounded up a TON below in case you have a trip coming up!!! Coordinating and matching is always a good idea so it can be easier to spot each other at the parks among the sea of people!!!

My Outfit: Shirt (M) // Pants (6) // Shoes (TTS) // Sunglasses // Hair Clip

Austin’s Outfit: Shirt // Shorts // Shoes

Marvin’s Outfit: Shirt // Shorts // Shoes

Vivian’s Outfit: Shirt // Denim Jacket // Pants // Shoes

Marvin’s Outfit: Shirt // Jeans // Shoes

Vivian’s Outfit: Shirt // Skirt // Leggings // Shoes

Austin’s Outfit: Shirt // Pants // Shoes

My Outfit: Shirt (M) // Jeans (6) // Shoes (TTS) // Sunglasses

Austin’s Outfit: Shirt // Pants // Shoes

My Outfit: Dress (M) // Denim Jacket (S) // Sandals (TTS) // Sunglasses 

Vivian’s Outfit: Dress // Cardigan // Leggings // Shoes // Sunglasses

My Outfit: Tee (M) // Jeans (29S) // Sandals (TTS)

Vivian’s Outfit: Tee // Leggings // Shoes






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