The Cutest Kids’ Halloween Pajamas

Yay!! I can’t believe that Halloween is almost here!! It’s such a fun holiday for kids that I like to buy them PJs extra early so they can wear them for a longer time – as in adding them into their PJ rotation a month or two leading up to the holiday!! I’m a little worried / very interested in seeing what Trick Or Treating will look like this year, but nevertheless, the kids will get candy one way or another. 😉 Or they will at least gather it for the Switch Witch! Anyways, here are some of the cutest Halloween themed PJs for boys and girls that I have found! i know it’s crazy, but some sizes are selling out in these, so don’t wait to buy!!

Stay tune for an updated collage – but just found this pair of PJs and it might be my absolute favorite!!!

  1. Mickey Ghosts – Love having character pajamas and Mickey is no exception!
  2. Candy Corn – My least favorite candy during this season but it sure looks so cute on this pair of pajamas!
  3. Unicorn – How sweet is this unicorn pajama celebrating Halloween?
  4. Trick or Treat – Love the simplicity of this pair!
  5. Ghosts – Austin got these to match Vivian’s ghost one!
  6. Jack ‘o Lantern Faces – Spooky but darling!
  7. Striped Jack ‘o Lantern Face – Cute and adorable jack ‘o lantern pajama!
  8. Witch Cats – I can’t get over how cute these cats are!
  9. Bats – This can be worn past Halloween!
  10. Pumpkins – There’s even a family matching one for this one!
  11. Orange Ghosts – One can never have too many ghosts!
  12. Skeleton – We can’t have Halloween without a skeleton! These are also available in another print so siblings can match!
  13. Mummy – A classic mummy for Halloween!
  14. Candy – A great gender neutral pajama!
  15. Pumpkin Party – These sold out once before! Their pajamas are so soft!
  16. Colorful Ghosts – These are the ones I purchased Vivian! The colors were too cute to pass up!


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