Weekly Outfit Recap + Bestsellers | March 2021 Week 4

My Outfit: Dress (Small) // Denim Jacket (M) // Shoes (TTS) // Purse 
Vivian’s Outfit: Romper // Denim Jacket 

My Outfit: Dress (6) // Shoes (TTS) // Purse 
Vivian’s Outfit: Dress // Sandals // Purse

Top (M) // Shorts (Sized up to L) // Sandals (TTS) // Hat // Necklace // Sunglasses

Top (S) // Jeans (6) // Sandals (TTS) // Necklace // Lip Gloss

Left Outfit:  Jacket (S)  // Jeans (6) // Sandals (TTS)
Right Outfit: Sweatshirt (M) // Joggers (M) // Shoes (TTS) 

My Outfit: Sweatshirt (M) // Joggers (M) // Shoes (TTS) // Necklace
Outfit: Hoodie // Shorts 

My Outfit: Top (S) // Shorts (10 – size up) // Shoes (TTS)
Outfit: Top // Shorts // Sandals

My Outfit: Top (M) // Shorts (12) 
Outfit: Tank // Joggers

Top (M) // Trench Coat (XS) // Joggers (M) 

Top (M) // Shorts (10) // Shoes (TTS) // Sandals

My Outfit: Dress (S) // Shoes (TTS)
Outfit: Dress

My Outfit: Top(XL) //Joggers (M)
Outfit: Top // Joggers


  1.  Ultra Creamy Concealer – This is super hydrating and great for covering up under eyes!! Use code SANDY for 15% off
  2.  Quilted Jacket – This Free People look-alike jacket is SO comfy and good!!
  3.  Maracuja Juicy Lip – My favorite lip balm / lip glosses!!
  4.  Blouson Dress – Love this gorgeous top!!
  5.  Tiered Maxi Dress – This is the prettiest dress and the color is gorgeous!!
  6.  Hooded Trench Coat – Great for Spring and rain!!
  7.  Ruffle Hem Maxi Dress – This comes in several colors and would be great for a special occasion.
  8.   2 Pack Straw Hat – This is like 2 for the price of one of my favorite packable hats!!
  9.  Gladiator Studded Sandal – These are very similar to Steve Madden pairs, but with a better price point! Look nearly identical!!
  10. Tank and Shorts PJ Set – I know y’all love your comfies!!!


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    April 8, 2021 / 4:38 am

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  2. lisa
    April 28, 2021 / 9:03 am

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